Playing Dress-up

America’s Next Top Model and my family go back a long ways, I can still remember watching Cycle 4 with my Mom and 2 sisters. In honor of my addiction to America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) and their cycle 16 premiere, I’ve uploaded heaps of old photographs from back when I had more time and a better camera person.

My only requirements for photographs were:

A) They had to be taken by someone besides myself and

B) I had to like the photo. I know, terribly shallow of me.

You’ll also be able to see a (kind of) style evolution.

Each photo will be chronological order (assuming I can remember what order they actually go in).


This was a themed photoshoot my sisters and I had one summer afternoon. We had a “bad girl/devil” persona and then a “good girl/angel” persona. This was supposed to be the “bad girl” persona. At the time I was 16, I believe, and a size 2. I remember I acquired the Denim Miniskirt from American Eagle, the tank top from White House Black Market, and the necklace from my sister. I have no clue where I got those boots. (Tyra would be saying: “That’s a little too “men’s magazine” darling…”)


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These Boots Were Made For Walking?

I would have posted much sooner, but I forgot that John was leaving Thursday night and wouldn’t be back until Saturday. Trying to get a full body picture then would have been close to futile, and since the whole point of this post is to show off my new boots? It was necessary.

Today was rather rainy and awful out, but not when I got dressed, hence the outfit:


Ironically I waited for John to get home so he could take a bunch of blurry pictures.

Here’s a close up of the front of the jacket:


Jacket: Super cute purchase from Goodwill. Top: INC, also Goodwill.

Since I was mostly running errands today I wasn’t terribly worried about these boots. I acquired them half price (!!!) on when they were having a sale. I snagged these babies for only $45. Super good deal. Plus they are surprisingly comfortable. I wore them for 5 hours today and my feet hardly hurt afterwards (and my pain threshold is pretty much nil).



Boots: Steve Madden.


The outfit without the jacket is pretty cute too. Unfortunately the top is short-sleeved which means it is unlikely I’ll be wearing it alone in Washington weather. A girl doesn’t want to freeze to death every time she leaves her house.


Those tights I picked up Black Friday at JCPenny, I believe. They’re not that great, but I only paid like $3 for them. (You might also be able to see my other addiction is books).

Needless to say, today was not the usual Pajama Monday that I normally have.

I also won an adorable 80’s cocktail dress off Ebay recently. I can’t wait until it gets here!

Lets Put Our Thinking Caps On…

Earlier this month, I went shopping at a couple vintage stores and picked up the most awesome of awesome hats. I saw it, and I just had to have it. It was not a want, it was a need.

Well, one of my friends had heard about it and wanted to see this wonderful hat I kept talking about. So after my classes today, I created an outfit around my favorite hat.


Arden B. pink leather jacket from Goodwill, White House Black Market top, skirt acquired from small vintage store–Nostalgia, tights acquired from Shoes (unpictured) stolen from my mother. Filthy house? Courtesy of John and myself.

I actually have several outfits that will work around my hat, but this one is my favorite. I wish the pictures were better, but unfortunately John (he of the horrid picture taking) was not home at this point and wouldn’t have been for several hours yet. At least you can kind of see the Mona Lisa poster I was talking about last time.

And here it is, the hat in all its glory:


The Brain Hat. Acquired from vintage store in town called Mad Hatter’s.


I’ve got a killer surprise for tomorrow that I’m terribly excited to post about. But, I’ll tell you this, it involves shoes!

Pajama Mondays: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Mondays are my slow day right now, which means I get to wear my pajamas all day if I really want to. Which is really nice because I own a lot of pajama pants. I ended up getting three new pairs for Christmas, but no jeans. Funny, that.

So even though this is my style blog, I’ve decided to institute Pajama Mondays. I’m kind of the blog dictator, so I can do that.

As you can see, my messiness in losing my tanktop (as written in my previous post) has extended to clothes taking over most surfaces in my apartment. You can see the sweatshirt and jean jacket I got over the back of the couch. And as for the half of the picture you can see above my head? Yeah, that is a poster of the Mona Lisa. I’m kind of into art. In the sense that I love it, but totally can’t afford it so I just buy posters of the pieces I love. I’ve also got Van Gogh’s Starry Nights on one of my walls.


Sweatshirt acquired from younger sister, tanktop from Costco, PJ pants were a Christmas present.

Now to spend the day reading a novel that I’m borrowing from a friend, and editing my own work. And possibly doing my homework for tomorrow, before tomorrow.

Also: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Sunday Style

Today only emphasized just how little I have to wear.  I threw plenty of wardrobe options onto my bed before I finally settled on an outfit — and I only did that because I ran out of time.

John came home and told me that we had to go to dinner tonight with some people he knew at church, something I had totally forgotten about. I tore through my wardrobe and tried to find an outfit to go with my favorite pink shoes. I wanted to find this yellow tank top that I could wear under this adorable brown shirt — somehow my yellow tank top had disappeared.

And every other outfit seemed to need the yellow tank top.

I ended up giving up on the shoes. And instead snagged my Michael Kors whore pumps which I almost never wear because they cause serious pain. I determined it would be worth it.

Then I snagged a pair of jeans, which totally didn’t work with the shoes the way I wanted them to, but I ran out of time (I wish I had a good pair of skinny jeans instead of the boot cuts I had worn).

Jewelry was another problem, as was shirts/blouses/tank tops. I think I tried on most every piece of jewelry, and all the shirts that were clean. This only emphasized how John had not done laundry like he was supposed to this week.

Finally I came up with this:


Red glasses acquired from Costco 2 years ago, Gap Leather Jacket acquired 9 years ago, Top borrowed from sister, Sabrina jeans from Buckle, Michael Kors shoes, necklace from


This pretty much confirms my suspicions about needing a tailor. And the fact that those jeans are way too large on me now. I hate being between sizes. Also, John cannot take decent pictures. I guess I’ll be acquiring a new webcam ASAP.

Tomorrow will be better style-wise, I hope.

Saturday Shopping

I’m totally addicted to online shopping. I think I got that from my mother.

Last night I was checking out vintage jewelry on Ebay, and discovered this vintage reproduction.


It was too cute to pass up, so I snagged it (with shipping costs) for around $8.00! I can’t wait until it arrives, I’ll be taking a couple pictures then too. 🙂

Today after getting some school work done I went out with a couple friends and we walked to a little vintage/consignment store in the area. I didn’t really find anything for myself — although I spotted an adorable sable fur cape, which I did consider buying.

Instead I snagged this tie for $3.00.


It has books on it! Impossible to just leave it there! The store, Black Market, had a bunch of other cute vintage ties too. The prices were also very good (frequently between $1 – $10, except for particular items), but the selection wasn’t as great as I would have liked. 😦 I’m hoping to head to Buffalo Exchange and a couple other places around town. Maybe I’ll find something there.

First Post

“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl — the girl who has everything?” –The Little Mermaid

Recently I’ve been hunting around in my closet for something I haven’t worn in awhile. It always feels like I have nothing to wear (which is partially true). The bottom of my closet has a mini mountain of shoes cluttering it which is the only thing I probably have enough of (that’s lies though, I can never really, truly, have enough shoes).


Beware the horror of the shoe pile! And that’s not even all of them! (Ignore the boxes and bags, they’re for present wrapping. And excuse my horrendously messy closet. It’s tiny. There’s not a lot of room for me to put everything!)

Part of the reason for this lack of clothing is I’ve got clothing in three to four different sizes. Size 2, Size 4, Size 6, and Size 8. I refuse to buy any more clothes in Size 8. I pretty much let myself go while I was in school, and at my size (5’1″) a weight gain of five to ten pounds puts me in the next size up. I’m hoping that if I start eating better along with my PE class this quarter, I’ll end up dropping the 15-20 pounds and fit back into all the size 2 crap I’ve got.

I recently went to Goodwill up here though, and found a couple of really nice little things; like a pink leather jacket (!!!) and a really nice coat. I’ll have to post a couple pictures tomorrow. I also hunted around in the vintage stores in the area but didn’t find much, unfortunately. One store had a vintage Christian Dior jacket but it was a size 10, so there was no way I was going to fit in it. 😦 There was a purple Bill Blass dress too, but my mother informed me it looked awful with my coloring and it was a bit damaged so I didn’t get it.

Buffy cries

This is how I feel when things don’t go my way.

I’m feeling like this summer will involve a trip to Seattle. Hopefully for graduation I’ll get a decent amount of cash so I can head down the the vintage shops down there to suss out some wonderful pieces. I’ve already got my eye on a couple places in Seattle…