Pleasant Peasant Dress

I mentioned marathon shopping over the weekend didn’t I? Below is a set of four items I picked up on that spree.


I snagged this dress from Nostalgia for a total of (count it:) $14. Marked down fro $48. Tights from Delia, $12. Then the bag and shoes are from Better than New, a discount store that sells designer (esque) brands. Steve Madden boots were $25, Rosetti bag was also $25.

Great deals, but I’m not sure how well the tights go with the rest of the outfit. Boy-o assured me that it worked well, but I’m not entirely sure I should be taking fashion advice from someone who wears holy jeans and band t-shirts.

My alternative, had it been slightly warmer, was a pair of new gold sandals and bare legs. Unfortunately, this is Western Washington and it’s freezing.


I can’t wait to wear this dress out dancing or something. It gives a great twirl.

Quick Hit: Green

This is just a quick daily outfit post since I’ve been super busy this week. See: finals, sister #2 visiting, etc.

Sister #2 came up this weekend and we had a marathon shopping spree that went from 9 AM – 4 PM. Yeah. It was awesome.


I picked up this shirt at Nostalgia this weekend. Super cute and perfect for St. Patty’s Day! (Especially since I have no green in my wardrobe.)


My sister tried it on first and I had to have it once I saw it. We both ended up buying it because it was cute on my curvy figure and her teeny tiny one. I think I paid only around $18-$22 for it.


Will update sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow) with more shopping trip results.

Feeling the Fifties…

Being super busy with volunteering, work, and finals coming up I haven’t posted in some time! Whoops!

Recently, my siblings have all been calling me and threatening saying they’ll be visiting. This weekend I hosted two of my sisters for the evening/night/morning.



This is my sister, Christine, and I. I’m super short so I had to reach up just to be in the picture.

My other practically adopted but really family sister, Taylor, sat in the backseat. We ended up going to Applebees for dinner and then they wanted to go Kmart.

Christine is one of those super shoppers who never buys anything over $10 (that might be a little exaggerated, but barely). Kmart is apparently one of the places to go, and since I was with her I ended up picking up a $4 fuzzy white jacket.



Hat: Kmart; Jacket: Arden B, purchased from Goodwill; Shirt: purchased from JCPenny when I worked at Ross; Purse: Purchased from Ross while I worked there.

I also had to try on this awesome looking hat. It’s so difficult to find a nice hat nowadays. Unfortunately, this one did not work, at all.

And today, I received two dresses in the mail. One from, was ugly as sin and I refuse to post a picture of me wearing it because it was utterly revolting (it was so cute in the picture too!). The second, from, I purchased during their Cabin Fever sale.


This was worn with…pearls: a Christmas gift, from Hawaii. Wedge heels: Rampage.

I snagged this for only $35, when it was originally priced at $118. Talk about a steal! The fabric is a wonderful texture, and it will be a great staple to replace my old, and very faded black and white dress. I also love the adorable fifties-esque silhouette that it has.