Memorial Day 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week (it’s almost been 1 week since I last posted)! I’ve been packing up my stuff and preparing to move as my lease is up soon and I’m graduating in 2 weeks. Freaky.

I’ve also been cleaning my entire apartment — which I’ll have to do again before moving out. Needless to say I really want that $600 deposit back. I’ve pretty much been playing Ke$ha’s  Animal+Cannibal Deluxe Edition and Britney’s newest album, Femme Fatale, on repeat this whole weekend. The beats are great to get you pumped up and ready to move–perfect cleaning/packing.


Today’s Memorial Day outfit is boring to put it mildly–Since I’m just packing I’m going more for comfort than style. Plus lots of changing in other items of clothing (if it doesn’t fit then I’m packing it up…). I’ve got on an ill-fitting white/blue striped racerback tank and bermuda shorts along with a ponytail and orange striped socks from Costco.


Wish me luck as I work on packing! I’ll try and get a decent outfit post up on Friday!

Wednesday Obsession: Denim

Denim dress featured here

Recently I’ve become kind of obsessed with denim. Denim dresses, denim rompers, colored denim — you name it, and I want it.

Here are are some stunning looks I’d love to incorporate into my wardrobe…

Found here.

This denim romper is adorable, and I love the boater hat! The socks with her sandals is really just the icing on the cake.

Found here.

I can’t help but love an outfit where there is not a hint of blue in sight. And I’m drooling over her vest and clutch.

Found here.

Cute, simple, and stylish. I can’t help but love a nautical theme, and this one is just perfect. Now I’m hankering for a pair of red skinnies.

Found here.

There’s just something about this look that I’m so in love with, it all comes together in a great way. The knee socks! The top knot! The denim! It’s tough, but romantic. It’s the complete package.

Fashion Rut

Dark wash jeans, sandals, and black. What do all these things have in common? They’re commonly found in my wardrobe.


I recently took up the offer from Already Pretty to join Go Chic or Go Home, a website that is a bit time-intensive but will allow you to upload photos of all your clothing and arrange them into new outfits. I figured it would be perfect for seeing what I was missing from my wardrobe.

Obviously I’m aware of my faults– I own a lot of black. Black clothes, black shoes (I have three pairs of black pumps, all very similar). As I began to upload, I expected there to be a lot of black. I used to shop exclusively at White House Black Market, so it wasn’t too surprising.

What I didn’t expect to find, however, was the jeans. I am in a jeans rut. This was actually incredibly embarrassing, considering I’m always complaining about my lack of pants (specifically jeans). I normally switch between 2-3 pairs. Well apparently, I have about 9 pairs of the exact same type of jean.


(Column 1: YMI jeans, Michael Kors jeans, American Eagle jeans. Column 2: BKE denim “Sabrina”, Big Star Jeans, BKE denim “culture”, Column 3: Silver “Tuesday” Jeans, Silver “Suki” Jeans, MEK denim)

They’re all dark wash with a flared leg (well minus the one pair of jeggings). I actually didn’t own a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans, nor a pair of white, grey, or light blue jeans. Even more depressing? I bought most of these at the same exact place (most of them are the same brand!).

It was even worse with sandals. I own nine pairs of sandals. NINE! I actually don’t even wear sandals, except during the 3 months in the summer which makes it an even more heinous crime.

I’ve already been working on getting myself out of these ruts — I’ve banned myself from buying anything black for awhile now (including tops and shoes). And now, I’ve also banned myself from dark-wash denim and I’m going to make a strong effort to add skinny and straight leg jeans into my closet.

And then some shoes that aren’t sandals.

What kind of ruts do you get into?

Trends I Love: Spring 2011

I’m seriously loving the trends for Spring 2011. Let me just say I can fully get behind the return of the bell bottom jeans, wide leg jeans, flared jeans–whatever you want to call them. I admit, through the entire skinny jean craze for the past couple years I refused to buy a pair. I was afraid I would end up looking like an ice cream cone because of my wide hips. However, I eventually broke down and bought a pair (or 2). But bell bottom jeans and wide leg jeans make my legs look so much longer, and I really need that illusion!

Colorblocking: as part of my Wardrobe Resolution(tm) this trend will add heaps of color into my wardrobe. I’m excited to start mixing hot pink with neon yellow and then throw some turquoise jewelry in the mix.

The old granny inside of me is leaping for joy at the trend of crochet and lace. Thankfully however, this season’s additions of these items is a little more subdued than an old tablecloth. I can’t wait to pick up a couple pieces to add here and there. I’ve already got a partially crocheted belt that can be my jumping off point.

I’ve always been a lover of all things nautical, so stripes is really something I can get behind. I recently picked up a cardigan from Target ($17.50) with blue and white stripes across it. However, I am generally wary of horizontal stripes–since they can contribute to making me look wider. But I really think that’s a case by case basis thing…

And I really saved the best for last: tassels! Who does not love tassels? I can’t imagine not loving them. Lately I’ve been seeing knee high boots with a tassel on the outer side and I can’t help but want a pair! I’m also liking a subtle tassel on a bright bag, or on a cute peep toe bootie.

I’d also like to give a nod towards the fruit trend I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Those urban outfitter earrings above are really only the tip of an iceberg… I admit I almost bought a dress with lemons all over it the other day but I had to chose and the lilac crochet dress won out.

Print Mixing


Pink Dress: local store–Nostalgia, $14 on sale rack. Leopard Pullover: hand-me-down from sister, price unknown. Leggings: Ross, $6. Shoes: K-mart, $15.

Why is it when you spend five minutes on an outfit more people like it than when you spend hours? I don’t know, but that’s what happened to me yesterday.


I had five minutes to get to class, and I was incredibly exhausted. It was definitely one of those days. I actually grabbed the first two things I saw (leggings, pink dress) and then just found something to pull on over (leopard print). Considering I saw a total of 6 people, and three commented that they loved my outfit, I would definitely consider that a resounding success. (Or it might indicate I need to get out more).

I’m so in love with these shoes. I can’t believe I snagged them at K-mart of all places, and in the kid’s section. I really don’t know what I would do without these–they go with everything (almost)!


I felt like the outfit needed a slightly messy hairstyle — so I added a pomp (the more height the better!) and teased around it a bit. Unfortunately the makeup was more vivid in person — I used different (but bright) shades of pink across the lid and underneath like eyeliner.

It’s funny when you don’t try you end up with the best results (unless it’s like today’s not trying where it was jeans, Uggs, hoodie–give me a break I had a test!)

Home Sweet Home?

When I went home to visit my parents a weekend (or two) ago, I took several pictures of my parents’ home. I absolutely love my family’s home. Everything about it is utterly stunning. I love how my parents pay homage to our old home and lifestyle, while also staying in line with our new one — all while it looks like a better version of Pottery Barn.


My Mom is always switching out the place mats and table runner. Always. She has like ten for each season. I love the spring inspired table runner — the black floral pattern really ties into the place mats and the sunflowers on top (floral prints are in for spring…). Since my parents are real estate agents, their home always looks like it was staged for a showing (even though it’s that way normally!)

The living room is actually my favorite room in our entire house. The coffee table in the middle? Chairs underneath, and those cushions on those chairs pull up for storage space. My mom is always switching out pillows in this room. I’m just waiting for her to get rid of the ruffled ones in the yellow chairs because I want them! (I really should have taken some detail shots, but I’ll do that next time).


I love this (unsubtle) homage to our past home and lifestyle. We used to ride horses and live on a farm, and while that’s in our past now I love how it comes out in our current home. This painting is one of my favorites. The little statue horses in the front will often get decorated for the holidays too–we have ribbons to put around their necks for each different holiday.


This picture is my all time favorite piece of art in my parents’ home. We saw it on a trip to Hawaii, and I’m actually one the that convinced them to buy it. It was done by Peter Lik and is called “Ghost”. It is absolutely stunning any which way you expose it to light.

Anyway, I’m busy bidding on some McQueen scarves on ebay, but hopefully I’ll do an outfit post in the next couple of days.

Goals & New Camera

My goals for my wardrobe this summer are to:

1) organize it! Right now my closet is a mess and I can’t find anything for the outfits I work on making.

2) Go through and throw out things that I will never wear again (it shrunk in the wash, etc) or that are completely worn out.

I also want to buy:

a) a pair of knee-high brown gladiator sandals

b) a pair of harem pants

c) colored trousers

d) shoes that are not black

e) something designer (Alexander Mcqueen, can I find you at a bargain?)

f) more jewelry. Looking at chunky.

e) shorts. I think I own one pair? Maybe two?

g) more blouses/nice tops. I’m graduating from college, not high school. I should have something besides t-shirts in my wardrobe.

Kinda like these…

I’ve also acquired a new camera for my graduation gift (my parents let me have it early!), so the picture quality on here is going to be 110% better than it was before.