Life, The Universe, & Everything

Outfit Details: Top: Taylor Swift concert tee; Jeans: Current/Eliot; Shoes: Missoni for Target (kids section);

I think the end of summer is depressing me. Jeans and tee seem to be pretty close to my MO. These jeans are an all time favorite, when I first started this blog I wore them constantly. Now they’re in the running with my other favorite pair of skinnies that I’ve been wearing all the time. Anyways, my point is that some clothing is like comfort food. You wear it (or eat it) because it makes you feel better.

This tee from the Taylor Swift concert I went to is super flattering. Normally I don’t wear concert tees because 1) I’m not a concert person and 2) I kind of think they’re a little dorky. I made an exception for this one though.

The Missoni for Target kid’s flats are amazing. I think I like them even better than the adult ones. They’re super comfy, and the fabric is much more moldable and less abrasive to my heel (yeah, I managed to get a blister from the other pair!).

Also, I know there was no post yesterday. Sorry! Life, the universe, and everything just got in the way. Things should be back to normal tomorrow though.

Tea for Two

Outfit Details: Top: Gift; Jeans: Per Se; Shoes: Missoni for Target

Friday’s outfit was based on comfort. I was having a movie night/tea party with a close friend of mine. I could have dressed up for the tea party we had, but decided that I was lazy. This graphic tee my sister gave me certainly fit the bill. And the Missoni for Target flats? They go with everything.

Here is a picture of us with our veritable feast of items. We had eclairs, scones & jam, sandwiches, some peaches/nectarines and plums, and heart shaped cupcakes. Tea was the drink of choice, although we did have coffee later.

We ended up watching The Hangover and a bunch of True Blood Season 1 until around almost 4 in the morning. We also did our nails and makeup. Parties with Michelle always involves tons of girly fun. And since I ended up spending the night there, it was a good thing I’d packed such comfortable clothing because I ended up sleeping in it!


Wishes for Fall

Fall Wishlist 2011

This season, I’m hoping to prepare for winter (instead of deluding myself and acting like summer hasn’t ended). These items represent what I’m looking for to round out my closet.

I’m definitely looking for colored denim, I’ve been coveting a pair for ages but haven’t found them for a decent price. However, it seems that retailers are starting to get the drift that colored denim is in and people want it. I’ve seen several pairs popping up here and there, so I’m sure I’ll manage to pick some up. (In addition to colored denim, I also want to grab a pair of white jeans since mine died a slow death last year).

This yellow pencil skirt is a stand-in for J. Crew’s. In their recent catalogue they featured a gorgeous bright yellow pencil skirt that I fell in love with. I’ll probably end up buying a cheaper version.

Sweaters are another thing I desperately need. The vast majority of my wardrobe has no sleeves or short sleeves. Mostly no sleeves. I would love to pick up several comfy looking knits.

This segues into outerwear. Both the coats that I’ve listed are two that I absolutely love. I’d love to snag both of them, actually. A good trench is very versatile and can last through the seasons, while the plaid coat is just too adorable.

Boots. They’re right up there with sweaters in the need category. I have 5 pairs of boots (2 ankle, 1 midcalf, 1 knee high, 1 thigh high). I could use some more practical pairs like the examples I’ve listed.

And can I just say I’ve been coveting Amrita Singh’s jewelry for awhile? Her statement pieces are utterly gorgeous. Hopefully this season I’ll pick up at least one of her items.

This weekend was super hectic for me, but posting will resume as normal tomorrow.

Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Outfit Details: Beige Cami: Gift; Floral Top: Gift; Jeans: Per Se; Flats: Missoni for Target.

I had a completely different outfit planned out, but when I started putting it together in the morning it did not work. At all. So instead I grabbed this floral empire waist top (which I almost never wear) and chose to wear that instead. I actually like the pattern well enough, I’m just not sure about the fit.

However, it went with the flats which is what I wanted to wear. These are the kid’s shoes from the Missoni for Target collection. They’re a teensy bit big for me, but not enough to make it a problem. Plus, I love the color scheme.

See? Super cute.

Unfortunately not many pictures today as I took them too late in the evening. Sadly, the majority of them did not turn out as well as they typically do.

Saturday Link-up

What I’ve been reading lately has included a lot of information on saltwater aquariums. However, that’s really not in this particular interest zone so thankfully I did read some other things this week…

Already Pretty has a great guide for boots! As someone who desperately needs to expand her boot collection? I was delighted. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

All Women Stalk has a post on 10 celebrities that look alike, some of them I can’t even tell apart (that would #4)!

Meagan did a no heat, BIG curls hair tutorial reminiscent of Sarah Jessica Parker. I’d love to give it a try once my hair gets longer…

A Beautiful Mess has some wonderful tips for photographing your home (and obviously, it goes without saying these will work for any building or living space).

I absolutely love this houndstooth coat over at Elegantly Academic.

Jean of Extra Petite has a tutorial for a voluminous puffy bun. This one I can do! 🙂

I’ve never really made any type of bread, but I kind of want to try this Zucchini Bread recipe.

When I pack, I tend to pack anything and everything. You know the person with the kitchen sink? That’s me. However, these packing tips will definitely help on my next trip.

I don’t really believe in Astrology, but this article on what your star sign says about your style was interesting. I’m a Libra, what are you?

I absolutely love this positive outlook on fall. It’s nice to look at the reasons to be happy for fall, instead of moaning about the weather (as I tend to).

Lastly, one more hair tutorial from the runways! Late Afternoon has a how to for Rodarte’s runway hair.


Outfit post will be up at 5pm!

How To: Cheap & Easy Mocha

If you’re at all like me, then I’m betting you have better things to spend your money on then coffee. As much as I love Starbucks’ wide array of products, it isn’t really an affordable habit to have. In addition to that, most items are either to difficult to make at home or I would have no idea how to go about the whole process. My best friend showed me this trick to get a really easy mocha and I thought I’d share it.

Under the cut, I’ll provide you with a simple 5 minute (tops) mocha. Perfect if you’re cheap (like me) and on the go (not so much like me)…

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Pistachio Swirl

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Studio M, Macy’s; Dress: gift; Shoes: Blowfish

After feeling horrid yesterday, I decided I wanted to wear a dress. It just seemed necessary. This is one I’ve actually never worn before, it was a hand-me-down from my little sister, and as it’s summer-y this is probably one of the few chances I’ll have to wear it before winter hits.

I’ve been wanting to wear this cardigan for awhile. It’s a super comfy piece that’s warm and perfect for snuggling in. When I realized that parts of the dress were brown? I threw this over it pretty quick.

I ended up running to the bank and then to Petco after. I decided to upgrade my red crowntail betta’s tank to the same size as my pink male betta’s, especially after I noticed my red guy attempting to leap out of his tank to get at my pink one! I totally dote on my fish, and love having little aquariums in my room.

The fish on the left (the red crowntail betta) is Hades, and the one of the right (pink male betta) is Apollo. Yes, I have a greek myth them going with my fish.

Pumped Up Kicks

Outfit Details: Striped Sheer Top: Romy; White tank: American Eagle; Jeans: Per Se; Lace-up Boots: Ross

So I felt very sick today and I actually did not remove my pajamas, except for the half hour I was on the treadmill (and then felt even worse). Note to self: when not feeling at your best, do not exercise. It is a bad idea.

Luckily, I had pictures of my second outfit from my friend Becky‘s photo shoot. You may remember the other pictures from this post. I love this outfit even though the sheer top is surprisingly uncooperative–at points it tended to bunch around the midsection (see pictures above) which is highly unflattering. It’s a wonderful piece in person, though.

See? Stripes! Sheer! Knit! Oh crap… a knit. Yeah, I’ve already managed to pull a thread or two on this garment. Have I mentioned I love knits but I’m so hard on them?

Also–sometimes you run into an item you need to have. When I ran across these boots at Ross they were everything I had been looking for. Everything. It was like the heavens had opened up and granted my wish for the perfect boot… and got the size wrong. So very wrong. These are actually a size 7 (for reference, I normally wear a size 6 but fit a 5.5). However, with a thick sock… no problem! Yes, I make it work…

Also you can check out Becky’s blog here. I had a total blast taking pictures with her. 🙂

Purple People Eater

Outfit Details: Dress: Urban Outfitters; Cardigan: Wet Seal; Belt: JCPenny; Necklace: Forever 21; Shoes: Missoni for Target

As a slightly over five foot girl, I generally avoid anything floor length. Most floor length items tend to drag the ground, making me look even shorter. Which is why I was utterly positive that maxi dresses was a trend I would not be able to pull off… until I saw this dress. I absolutely fell in love with it, and upon reading the reviews I was delighted. It turns out that it was perfect for short girls like me– this ankle grazing garment on most people was floor length on height challenged people! Needless to say, I snapped it up.

I think my favorite part is that the lower half of the maxi is sheer (well technically the whole thing is sheer, that’s why there’s a slip). This purple cardigan seems to go with everything and I threw it on top, while belting the garment to hide the strings that tie at the waist.

Nail Polish: Fiji by Essie, Konad Stamping Polish in White

As an attempt at accessorizing (not one of my strong suits) I added this necklace that I got from Forever 21.  And of course, since I managed to snag the Missoni for Target flats they were a perfect way for some subtle print mixing. I had decided on a delicate but pretty manicure Sunday night, and took the time to stamp little bows on my nails. It’s definitely a subtle look that will go with everything.


Falling for Fall

Outfit Details: skull scarf: Ebay; white cardigan: Gap; Grey tee: Ambercrombie; Jeans: Per Se; Chevron Flats: Missoni for Target

I was more pleased with this outfit early in the day, before I consumed half a pizza. Talk about feeling bloated… Ahem, anyway. I wore this out to meet up with a friend have lunch. I always feel horrible for establishment we dine at when we always end up sitting and chatting for several hours after we’re done eating. We ended up talking for about four hours! However, I left a really good tip so I hope it makes up for it…

The weather has finally gotten colder to both my dismay and delight. I had an entirely different outfit planned out, but with the weather thwarting me, I nixed the dress and put on jeans (again). I hate being cold. However, to my joy that means I can start to drag out my scarf collection. This one is one of my favorites. The colder weather also means overcast skies–which means that outdoor pictures will be in the cards. Yippee!

I’m seriously delighted that I chose to purchase these flats. However, I have discovered that they are a bit slippery on the traction front. I’m planning to score up the bottoms a bit to give myself a little more room for error.