Wishes for Fall

Fall Wishlist 2011

This season, I’m hoping to prepare for winter (instead of deluding myself and acting like summer hasn’t ended). These items represent what I’m looking for to round out my closet.

I’m definitely looking for colored denim, I’ve been coveting a pair for ages but haven’t found them for a decent price. However, it seems that retailers are starting to get the drift that colored denim is in and people want it. I’ve seen several pairs popping up here and there, so I’m sure I’ll manage to pick some up. (In addition to colored denim, I also want to grab a pair of white jeans since mine died a slow death last year).

This yellow pencil skirt is a stand-in for J. Crew’s. In their recent catalogue they featured a gorgeous bright yellow pencil skirt that I fell in love with. I’ll probably end up buying a cheaper version.

Sweaters are another thing I desperately need. The vast majority of my wardrobe has no sleeves or short sleeves. Mostly no sleeves. I would love to pick up several comfy looking knits.

This segues into outerwear. Both the coats that I’ve listed are two that I absolutely love. I’d love to snag both of them, actually. A good trench is very versatile and can last through the seasons, while the plaid coat is just too adorable.

Boots. They’re right up there with sweaters in the need category. I have 5 pairs of boots (2 ankle, 1 midcalf, 1 knee high, 1 thigh high). I could use some more practical pairs like the examples I’ve listed.

And can I just say I’ve been coveting Amrita Singh’s jewelry for awhile? Her statement pieces are utterly gorgeous. Hopefully this season I’ll pick up at least one of her items.

This weekend was super hectic for me, but posting will resume as normal tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Wishes for Fall

  1. You’ve got some great stuff on there! I hear you on the boots – I’ve got great brown ones, but I really need some black ones. I’ve never seen Amtrita Singh’s jewelry. So pretty! I love the super bold colors.

    • Boots are just soooo difficult to find. 😦 I have the worst troubles with boots.

      Amrita Singh’s jewelry is amazing! I saw it on another blogger and gasped because it is so gorgeous! Since the majority of my wardrobe is black/neutrals it would definitely give me the pop of color I need..

  2. I love the collection of bright colored necklaces with big stones that you highlighted. Those are really cute and I can definitely see them adding a zing to most outfits!~

    • Amrita Singh’s jewelry is just so gorgeous, the bright colors are definitely something I am attracted to! I feel like they’d spice up basics and also add something to more colorful outfits. 🙂

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