Outfit Details: Knit Thingy: Forever 21; Long Sleeve Shirt: No Boundaries, via Walmart; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s.

You know how when you start watching a show, it steadily, insiduously, begins to take root in your everyday life? Phrases like “statistical probability” start popping up with alarming frequency. And that’s when you know you’ve been on Netflix for too long. Yeah, I’ve been watching Numb3rs since I finished Lie to Me.

Unfortunately, I haven’t completely got out of the Lie to Me mindset, and whenever I see particular facial expressions in Numb3rs my brain starts screaming “Contempt! Contempt! He did it! He did it!”

I don’t have much to say about this outfit. I ended up tutoring kids in it, so it was comfortable and warm and essentially fulfilled it’s purpose. Unfortunately, it also was not nearly as flattering as I believed it to be. Whoops.

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