Pink & Leather

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Wet Seal; Tank: Macy’s; Jeans: Per Se; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s; Purse: Michael by Michael Kors, via TJ Maxx


Freckles in April

I actually had an entirely different outfit planned out for today. Unfortunately, I woke up super late giving me time to eat and run out the door. So I pulled on these leather boots and grabbed some pink from my closet. I literally snapped these shots in five minutes and then ran to my car and sped to work!

I’ll just have to wear the outfit I had planned another day. Ah, regrets…

 This purse was I ended up purchasing after I returned one of my X-mas presents. I’d been eyeing it for weeks and carried it around TJ Maxx whenever I was there. It was a hard decision, because I have never spent so much on a purse before (even though it was over 1/2 off). But honestly, it was my ideal purse. I need a lot of pockets and this purse has so many that it was just perfect. I haven’t regretted my purchase yet and I carry this sucker around every day!


K is for Knits

Outfit Details: Sweater: Target; Jeans: Per Se; Vest: Goodwill; Shoes: Steve Madden


When I first started to expand my closet, I had no knits. Not a single one. I loved the look of them, but I simply couldn’t figure out why I didn’t own any. I quickly learned once I picked up my first couple knits.

I am hard on my clothes. Knits get pulled and destroyed. Even though I love them, I’m like a hurricane to my poor knits. Luckily, this sweater has (mostly) avoided destruction. In addition to being a flattering v-neck, it is cozy. I wear this sucker all the time.

Lately, I’ve been throwing this vest over everything. Since it’s reversible, however, I usually have the fur on the inside. When Salazar asked that I try it with the fur on the outside, I pondered it. I threw it on over this, expecting to hate it and immediately turn it around. To my surprise: I liked it.

This outfit is quite possibly one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever put together. Plus, the top knot made me feel extra stylish.

Pattern Mixing & J is for Jewel Tones

Outfit Details: Scarf: Ebay; Dress: TJ Maxx (Juniors section); Cardigan: gift; Belt: TJ Maxx; Shoes:

Freckles in April


I always have so much fun trying out pattern mixing challenges. Today’s outfit was very spur of the moment. I’d just finished laundry so most of these items were lying in easy reach (on my floor). I looked over and saw the floral cardigan and I was like “ah ha! I’ll pair it with something else.” That’s when I rifled through my closet and found this dress. I decided they would go together. And for fun, I threw another patterned scarf on top. Sometimes I love going overboard.

Then I realized I was supposed to be doing this all in jewel tones. Whoops! So I threw on my brightly colored belt instead of my brown one, and then added my favorite pair of pumps.

 It feels fun and wild, and simply enjoyable. As a side note: who doesn’t love second day hair that is instantly wearable? It feels all Veronica Lake to me with the curls having been brushed out and swooping around.

I is for Inspired By

Outfit Details: Blazer: H& M; Tank Top: American Eagle; Skirt: local shop, Nostalgia; Tights: Ross; Necklace: Gift; Shoes: Rampage.

Freckles in April

Inspired By: Taylor Swift

 1, 2, 3

I absolutely love Taylor Swift’s style. She loves girly, feminine shapes. She wears a lot of florals, and she always looks amazing. Hence why I chose her to emulate. Plus it gave me an opportunity to curl my hair. And who doesn’t love curly hair?

I actually ended up redoing my hair later, because Taylor tends to have more spiral curls and my hot rollers did not do a good enough job.

H is for Horrible

 Outfit Details: Top: Charter Club, via Macy’s (?); Jeans: Current Eliott, via; Shoes: via Macy’s; Scarf: Express, gift.

Freckles in April


I’ll be honest. I hate this outfit. I actually had an entirely different one planned out, only to realize I did not have navy scarf (and of course, this scarf now looks navy. I swear it’s actually black!). So I had to scrap it since today was H is for Headscarves/Hats. I really tend to hate things on my head. They always slide right off! I actually retook pictures multiple times today because the scarf kept falling off my head! Finally, I just switched scarves.

Of course, I love stripes so today’s challenge at the Winter Challenge  over at Freckles in April was no worries for me. 🙂 Stripes and I are best friends. My wardrobe is full of striped things. I suppose my turban headscarf could be considered trendy also.

In other news, I don’t have much to say about this outfit–other than I would have worn it without the headscarf.  I’m just not a hat/headscarf/headband fan.

G is for Glam

Outfit Details: Dress: Darling, via Les Saisons Boutique; Tights: Delia’s; Shoes: Borrowed from mom; Earrings: Charter Club; Headband: Gift.

Freckles in AprilIMG_4680-1

I’ve been considering something like this for awhile now. This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet and I’ve thought of at least a dozen ways to wear it. This is only one of them.

When I ran across the Winter Challenge (I’m always a day late, aren’t I?), I saw they were doing monotone today. Which is my favorite. I love monotone outfits. I usually always pick something obscenely bright (see red and pink). However, the ABCs of style was doing Glam and Glitter. So I toned myself down with this cream ensemble (though admittedly, the tights are a bit white for it).

I actually attempted three hairstyles before I settled on this one. The others were a beehive and a side bun, and they just would not turn out. Finally I just threw up my hands and did this. I also attempted a glam makeup look with a dark lipstick and cat eyes.

I actually had a different pair of earrings I planned on wearing, but I could not find them for the life of me! These ones also have a bit of sparkle to them, though.

F is for Fur

Outfit Details: Vest: Goodwill; Cardigan: gift; T-shirt: Old Navy; Scarf: gift; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Boots: Steve Madden.


Fur is not my favorite item to wear, I’ll be honest. I don’t own a lot of it, but on a whim last summer I snagged this vest at the Goodwill in Bellingham. And now, it’s super trendy with its fur lined insides. It’s actually reversible, but I prefer the fur be against my body since it looks weird otherwise.

Even though I threw this together this morning instead of planning it out, I ended up really pleased with how the whole outfit turned out. I feel like I’m getting the hang of this dressing-myself thing.

I loved how the scarf brightens up the whole outfit. I also attempted to try some sort of twisted thing with my hair to get more volume, but it didn’t turn out as I hoped.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted for a couple days. My grandfather is in the hospital right now, so my mom had to fly down to help him out and basically everything is in a crazy limbo.

Super Snow Day

  I live in Washington state and we almost never get snow. Never. So instead of doing the ABCs of Style prompt for today, I decided to put on my snow boots yesterday and enjoy some good fun out in the several inches of snow that came down in my area! We got around 2-3 inches close to my house, and I spent the day stomping around the town with my friend, Erin, and taking tons of ridiculous pictures.

Thankfully I haven’t had to drive anywhere (yet), so the snow is something I can enjoy unlike many other Washingtonians. Although, hopefully if you’re living in Washington then you’re enjoying the snow just as much as I am! I suppose you could consider this my daily outfit post, but the only thing I actually paid for in this entire outfit was my jeans. The rest was all gifts from my family.

Snow is one of those very rare things that instantly reverts to me to a childhood mindset. I’ve posted the least ridiculous pictures here as this is the internet, and because I’m still attempting to pretend that I’m mature and “grown up” (which is a total lie).

C is for Celebrity Inspired (and it’s Snow Day!)

Outfit Details: Sheer Top: Forever 21; Tank Top: Unknown; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s.


For letter “C” I knew I wanted my celebrity-inspired outfit to be one of the ones I’ve been saving on my desktop for months. Unfortunately, it was a summer outfit. Sometimes I ignore the fact that the weather does not jive with what I want to wear.

So, of course, I wore it anyway! I’m stubborn like that. Plus, the outfit looks cool in the snow!

Speaking of which, we have snow! It’s Washington, and we have snow! So exciting since we almost never get snow, and now we’re getting tons! I actually hate snow (because I hate the cold) but right now, I kind of love it. It just feels so magical and wonderful.

After I took these pictures i went back inside, huddled up in a blanket and drank cocoa. It was like the perfect winter day.

My outfit was inspired by Taylor Swift’s look below. I ended up snagging it off facebook when one of my friends posted it looking for boots like hers, so I don’t have any way to credit it, sadly.

Outfit Inspiration:

B is for Bows

Outfit Details: Blazer: H&M; Top: White House, Black Market; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Franco Sarto; Headband: X-mas gift.


I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’ve decided to join up with the ABC’s of Style over at Fashion’s Greatest Hits (Here are the details of the challenge). Obviously I missed A is for Army, but hopefully I’ll be doing the rest of them. Or at least most of the rest of them.

I can’t decide how I feel about this outfit. I love the top half (headband, pussybow blouse, blazer) but I don’t know about the bottom half. Sadly, the skirt I’d normally wear with this top is too small right now. I’m wondering if there is just too much white?

 I decided to double bow it. I wanted to triple bow it, but the blue lining of the blazer meant I couldn’t add my pink bow pumps to the outfit. I get weird about using more than three colors in an outfit for some reason. This is likely why I don’t own a lot of prints.