Neon Imitation

 Outfit Details: Sweater: Old Navy; Button-up: American Eagle; Skirt: thrifted; Shoes:


Freckles in April Today was N is for Neutrals and Neons, and The Winter Edition is have a Group Open to Interpretation. To fit into both of the challenges, I chose to interpret the shape of the outfit we were coping–keeping all the basic parts but not the colors. I made my outfit mostly neutral, with pops of pink. Then I added the neon pink belt because I need to define my waist most of the time or I look like I gigantic block.

Also, it is incredibly difficult to get a sweater over a button-up. Seriously. How do people manage it?

Sadly my normal picture taking spot was half in sunlight and half out, so I moved my photo taking place a couple feet to the left. The background isn’t nearly as pretty today.


14 thoughts on “Neon Imitation

  1. This is so random, but I just came across your blog while browsing and your ‘about me’ could basically be my own! Haha, I am graduating next month with an English degree from WWU and have a style blog as well. 🙂 So crazy! Nice to ‘meet’ you.
    xoxo Charity
    ps–now hosting a lovely giveaway!

  2. Oh my goodness, those shoes are amazing! And yeah, I have certain sweaters that I can wear over button-ups and certain sweaters that refuse to be fit properly/pulled over a button up no matter how much I bribe them! Grr! But on the upside, you look fabulous in neon and neutral!

    • Thank you! 🙂 These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. 🙂

      Button-ups and sweaters just seem like a whole lot of trouble to me! I probably won’t be pairing them again, but it was nice to do the “trendy” thing for once.

  3. Cute! Still can’t get over how adorable those shoes are.
    I wear sweaters over button-ups all the time, but usually my sweaters are a size bigger than my button-ups so it’s no problem for me.

  4. I love the pink! Such a great look!!
    Tip about sweaters over button-ups: Pull the sleeves of your button up down and grab them with your hand, slide your arm in and adjust the sweater. Do the same with the other side, then pull it over your head. 🙂

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