Review: Jason Wu for Target Collaboration

Originally, I figured Jason Wu for Target was going to be along the lines of Missoni Madness. So I figured I’d way up at 7 to hit Target by the time it opened. Of course, when 7 AM came, I decided to go back to sleep and check it out later. So when I went to Target around 12:30, I was pleasantly surprised to find stuff on the racks. There was enough size variety that I was able to try on just about everything.

Cut for a ridiculous amount of pictures, and you can see my review of individual pieces and the overall collection below…

 Jason Wu for Target Sleeveless Pleated Shift Dress in Blush Stripes 

Size Medium. Not really flattering on my hourglass figure. In addition to being very see-through. Also, if you view Target’s pictures — I am obviously too short for this since it is supposed to reach mid-thigh (maybe).

Jason Wu for Target Sleeveless Chiffon Dress in Navy Floral with Gold Belt

Size Medium. It seems like this was the one created with a nod to girls with boobs. I liked the belt included to give the dress some shape, and the dress itself wasn’t see-through which was a large point in its favor. However, the bust simply wasn’t flattering.

 Jason Wu for Target Dot Print Shirt Dress in Cream

Size Medium. Fabric is awful, dress is nearly shapeless. The actual seam for the waist hits me in the wrong place. Not flattering on my body.

Jason Wu for Target Jersey Dress in Red/Navy Stripes

Size Medium. Fabric is more t-shirt like. Very soft and comfortable. Not a lot of shape to the dress itself. Unfortunately fabric will show almost anything you’re wearing underneath (you can likely see the outline of my bra).

 Jason Wu for Target Short Sleeve Tee with Tie in Cream

Size Medium. Thin, See-thorough, drape-y fabric. Not particularly flattering.

 Jason Wu for Target Long-Sleeve Pointelle Cardigan in Belize Blue

Size Small. Very thin fabric. Color is very pretty, and it’s pretty cozy in person. Hits much too long on my 5’1″ frame.

 Jason Wu for Target Short Sleeve Tee with Tie in Blush

Size Medium. I decided to show how it it looks paired with a skirt, along with the length outside of a skirt. This tee is pretty much the exact same the one in blush. I do find it more flattering when tucked into a skirt, however. Even still, it is completely see-through.

 Jason Wu for Target Blouse with Tie in Blush Dots

Size Medium. Again, blouse is see-through. The fabric is very thin. Also, the arm holes on this one were strangely tight. Altogether: unflattering.

 Jason Wu for Target Long Sleeve Sheer Blouse in Blush Dots

Size Medium. Excuse the nude bra. I didn’t realize how see-through this entire collection was until I tried it on. Nearly every piece made my bra this visible. This one the fabric was not very pleasant, and I found it unflattering.

 Jason Wu for Target Pleated Skirt in Black

Size 8. This pleated skirt fit well and was flattering and it seemed of pretty good quality. It had a zipper and a side clasp. You can also see it with three different shirts above. The only reason I did not purchase it is because I own multiple black skirts. If this skirt had come in a blush pink then I would have purchased it on the spot.

 Jason Wu for Target Short-Sleeve Tee with Lace Print in Heather Gray

Size Medium. Like the other pieces in the collection, this shirt was very thin and long. However the color helped so it wasn’t see-through. For me, it was nothing that I really needed. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was “meh” piece.

(However, I am in love with the miniskirt in this picture. I might have to go back and get it!)

 Jason Wu for Target Sleeveless Top with Sheer Panel in Navy Floral

Size Medium. I actually liked this top. It wasn’t see-through, and the pattern was quite pretty. Tucked into a skirt it was adorable! Outside of the skirt, however, the shape was very square.

Jason Wu for Target Pleated Skirt in Navy Floral 

Size 10. I’ll be honest, this was the piece I would have purchased from the collection if it had been in an 8. It’s pretty much the black pleated skirt with the clasp and quality, but in a nice pattern. The size 10 was just a bit big for me, and since I’ve been losing weight recently if I purchased it, it wouldn’t have fit after a couple weeks.

Jason Wu for Target, the Overall Collection: 

I’ll admit I was disappointed. My Target didn’t carry the pieces I was most looking forward to (like this, this, this, this, this, and this) and my Target only carried four of the accessories, only two of which were still available: the navy scarf and a clutch). Considering the stunning accessories for the collection, I really wished more of them had been available to me.

The pieces that my Target did offer, were wholly unflattering to my body type. In addition, as the majority of the fabric for the items was thin, many of the pieces were entirely see-through which would require a cami (or something else) underneath for everyday wear. For me, the quality of the collection was an issue. My recommendation for purchases would be to look at the skirts which I believe would last much longer than any of the tops, or the accessories (the two of which I saw seemed like a better purchase than any of the tops).

14 thoughts on “Review: Jason Wu for Target Collaboration

  1. Thank you for putting up the review so I didn’t have to waste any time on this! Looks like a lot of them are made of poor-quality fabric, which I absolutely hate. Too bad though, because the style seems to be right up my alley.

    • You’re welcome! I was really shocked at how poorly this collection was done. The Missoni collaboration had way better fabrics, so I was definitely expecting better quality.

  2. I love the last outfit on you! Such a pretty floral print! I agree about the fabric being too thin and sheer. Most of the tops would look great tucked in, and the dresses would be great with belts and more definition in the waist. I’m also petite, and found some items to be too long/unflattering on me. You’re lucky your store had that much left, since mine was cleared out within a few minutes! I wrote about my experience and haul on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing your opinions and photos!

    • Thank you! The last one was the only one I really contemplated purchasing. I likely would have purchased the skirt if I’d been able to find it in an 8.

      I’m lucky enough that I live in a small town that isn’t very fashion forward, so a lot is usually left over during collaborations. 🙂

  3. I bought the blush long sleeve sheer blouse and have worn it twice and haven’t even washed it yet, the seam has completely come apart under the arm. Very disappointed in the quality.

  4. Great review…Thank you for taking the time how very disappointing. He takes nice figures like yours and made them look more than less flattering! I disagree about the blue skirt–don’t get it, it should be shorter and show your nice legs just a bit.–Sharon

    • You’re welcome!

      I really was expecting the collection (based on the pictures/previews) to be much more flattering to my body type than it actually was. Total disappointment.

      And, I did leave the blue skirt behind. 🙂

  5. The straw bag had jason Wu on the buckle and then for target right underneath it. It ruined the whole bag for me. Returned it. Missoni collection much better. I have a beautiful Missoni blouse thats a perfect fit . I did purchase the straw clutch, Jason Wu label on the inside. Cute, nice size but really not worth the money. I could of done better at Marshalls or TJ Max for a similiar bag.
    thinking about returning too.

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