Comfort Contemplation

 Outfit Details: Striped Top: Romy; White Tank: American Eagle; Skirt: hand-me-down; Shoes: K-mart (kids section!).

I’ve been contemplating pairing this pink top with this skirt for awhile. Actually I’ve been contemplating pairing this particularly bubblegum top with several skirts for awhile, this is the just the first one I’ve actually put together.

This outfit was comfortable. And considering the getting-over-horrible-illness thing, I’m really really enjoying comfortable right now. Especially considering I’ve been wearing black slacks to work everyday, which are not the most comfortable items in my closet.

 I remembered seeing some sort of funky knotted side ponytail on pinterest awhile back, but I couldn’t really remember how to do it. I ended up with this instead.

As for the shoes? I would have gone for a different pair but my toes need to be repainted badly, so any sort of open-toed pair wasn’t possible. I kind of like the sneakers with it though. Plus, these sneakers are all kinds of awesome.

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