Review: Prabal Gurung for Target Collaboration

Although I haven’t been posting much lately (so busy with school), I couldn’t resist a designer collaboration with Target.

The Prabal Gurung for Target Collaboration was released on Sunday, February 10th. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out to see the collection until Monday afternoon. However, it seems that the collection was not nearly as well publicized as Missoni for Target since my local store had many of the pieces still available.

For reviews of individual pieces, click below!

Prabal Gurung for Target


1. Prabal Gurung for Target Ruffle Dress in Sulphur 

This was the least pleasing dress of the collection that I tried on. The color was far too bright for me, and the cut didn’t work for my body. I am a typical size 6, and this dress was listed as a 6. However for someone that can pull off the color and finds it flattering, it was not see-through (bonus!) and had a hidden zipper instead of a visible one.


2. Prabal Gurung for Target Drop Waist Dress in First Date Print

This dress was a big surprise for me. I found the cut flattering to my body which is a huge surprise with a drop waist dress (normally the most unflattering cut for me). However, the print was too much for me to ultimately purchase it.


3. Prabal Gurung for Target Dress with Full Skirt in Apple Red

This gorgeous dress was a size too large (size 8), or it would have come home with me. Although it has the visible zipper, it also has pockets and fabric was pretty thick — I could easily imagine this dress being a winter staple.


4. Prabal Gurung for Target Dress in Meet the Parents Print

This dress is the only item I purchased from the collection. Although I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another black and white dress, this one was irresistible. The fabric is silky smooth, and it has a great cut that works well for my body. Plus, I had to be practical — this item will get the most use in my current wardrobe rotation.


5.  Prabal Gurung for Target Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print

This dress was simply mediocre. It fell completely middle of the pack for me. It fit well, the fabric wasn’t bad, and it was decently flattering. However, it wasn’t amazing.


6. Prabal Gurung for Target Colorblock Long-Sleeve Cardigan in Dresden Blue

This cardigan was so hard for me to leave behind in the store. I loved it. The fabric was decent (not the best), but the fit was exactly what I’ve been looking for. In addition, the buttons on the cardigan were definitely a step up.


7. Prabal Gurung for Target Long-Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print 

This was a cute tee for what it was. I liked it well enough, but the print was definitely not my favorite.


8. Prabal Gurung for Target Pebble Racerback Tank in Atlantis Green

This top was very oversize (I’m wearing the small!) and I found it to be generally unflattering.


9. Prabal Gurung for Target Colorblock Pencil Skirt in Dresden Blue

This skirt would have been a cute addition to my work wardrobe, but it was my third choice (sadly). It was lined, the fabric was decently thick, and I liked the way it fit on my body.


10. Prabal Gurung for Target Skirt in Meet the Parents Print

I didn’t pick up this skirt, but it definitely had nice fabric. It also had a nice hidden zipper/button in the back. However, it was a little too poofy for me, and I don’t wear skirts that frequently.

Overall, my review of the collection is very favorable (as are others). I liked it far more than Missoni for Target and far better than Jason Wu for Target. The quality of the pieces is MUCH better than Jason Wu for Target (nice buttons, better fabric, hidden zippers…). And quite surprisingly, many of the pieces were far more flattering than I’d expected. If you have money to spare, I’d suggest picking up one or two pieces from the collection.