FBFF: Holiday Wishlist

For this week’s Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, Katy Rose of Modly Chic wants to know what is on our holiday wish-list this year.

You may remember my previous fall wish-list (here), and I’ve actually managed to complete the majority of that wish-list. Recently I created another wish-list, the majority of which got completely filled (I managed to tick of corduroys, khakis, and the plaid jacket) on Black Friday.

So what have I been coveting recently?

Holiday Wishlist Part 1

1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita and Jeffery Campbell Nightwalk 

There was a time when I wouldn’t bat an eyelash over dropping $100 on shoes. However, that was a long time ago. I’ve gotten wary about purchases over $100, because I’ve become a cheapskate. However, I love the look of both the Lita and the Nightwalk. I keep telling myself when I save up the money I’ll buy a pair, but I keep forgetting and spending a little bit here and a little bit there…

2. Amrita Singh Jewelry 

If anyone makes a statement piece, it’s Amrita Singh. I need more statement pieces in my collection, and I love the majority of her jewelry which is all so gorgeous.

3. Classic Trench Coat 

This is the one item I have such difficulty hunting down. It’s hard to find a good trench coat, especially one that I find aesthetically pleasing (and in my price range). The one pictured? I love it! Problem: it’s Burberry, and therefore out of my price range.

4. Yellow Scarf 

I’m obsessed with yellow. It’s almost tragic that I don’t have a yellow scarf already.

5. Cardigans

My cardigan collection is a bit woeful. I’d love a couple adorable (long-sleeved) cardigans to round out my wardrobe, especially since some of my favorites have started to look a little bit worn…

Holiday Wishlist Part 2

6. Black Boots 

I need a pair I can walk in that will work for winter. I’ve got my cognac pair, but I’d like to add to my miniscule boot collection. Plus, black is just so versatile.

7. Grey Leopard Print

I lack in the animal print department. I tend to find a lot of it very… displeasing to the eye if it’s not done properly. I love grey leopard print though. I’d prefer it in a pair of jeans or a scarf.

8. Colored and Patterned Tights 

I own tights in blue, black, white, pink, and purple. I’d like to add some other colors in there. A red, yellow, green, and maybe some orange? Patterns (like polka dots) would not be amiss either!

9. Nail polish  

I do my nails at least once a week. I’m always adding to my polish collection! I’d love to have more than just black and white stamping polishes. A splurge in the nail polish area might not be a bad idea either.

Lastly, these have been in my “saved” area of my Amazon.com cart for awhile. Hopefully I’ll pick them up sometime in the next year or so…


10. Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection

11. Memento


12. Style Yourself

13. Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to The Front Row

14. You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story

15. The Sociopath Next Door


Wishes for Fall

Fall Wishlist 2011

This season, I’m hoping to prepare for winter (instead of deluding myself and acting like summer hasn’t ended). These items represent what I’m looking for to round out my closet.

I’m definitely looking for colored denim, I’ve been coveting a pair for ages but haven’t found them for a decent price. However, it seems that retailers are starting to get the drift that colored denim is in and people want it. I’ve seen several pairs popping up here and there, so I’m sure I’ll manage to pick some up. (In addition to colored denim, I also want to grab a pair of white jeans since mine died a slow death last year).

This yellow pencil skirt is a stand-in for J. Crew’s. In their recent catalogue they featured a gorgeous bright yellow pencil skirt that I fell in love with. I’ll probably end up buying a cheaper version.

Sweaters are another thing I desperately need. The vast majority of my wardrobe has no sleeves or short sleeves. Mostly no sleeves. I would love to pick up several comfy looking knits.

This segues into outerwear. Both the coats that I’ve listed are two that I absolutely love. I’d love to snag both of them, actually. A good trench is very versatile and can last through the seasons, while the plaid coat is just too adorable.

Boots. They’re right up there with sweaters in the need category. I have 5 pairs of boots (2 ankle, 1 midcalf, 1 knee high, 1 thigh high). I could use some more practical pairs like the examples I’ve listed.

And can I just say I’ve been coveting Amrita Singh’s jewelry for awhile? Her statement pieces are utterly gorgeous. Hopefully this season I’ll pick up at least one of her items.

This weekend was super hectic for me, but posting will resume as normal tomorrow.

Amber Spyglass Steps (30×30: Day 4)

Sorry for the late post!

A dress! I know, shocker. This dress is one of my favorites in my closet. I bought it online from Nordstrom’s a couple years ago and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I love the funky pattern on it (it’s actually one of the few patterned items I own). I should probably wear more dresses since I actually own quite a few.

I drove down to visit my parents for Father’s Day, and I wanted to be in comfort while I did. Hence the red flats/red glasses combo again, along with the white cardi. Btw, white cardi was completely unnecessary for the weather. It seemed like it might get colder when I left, but it only got warmer! It was especially bad when I was sitting in the car waiting for the ferrry (missed 2 boats!) and it was just burning. I was so glad to get out of the car when i got home.

My mom and I went to Home Depot when I got back home, and while she shopped for bark and mulch I took pictures of the flowers. This one was my favorite.

School & Skulls


As my graduation is imminent, I couldn’t help but want to dress up for my last day of school. I’m loving the weather, even though it might not seem like it with my clothing choices! Black top and jeans? Admittedly, I almost chose a dress–but I never want to chance it with the weather here. It can turn from wonderfully warm and bright to ice cold rain in a matter of minutes.

Walking around campus for around five hours meant I needed comfort. Hence the jeans. I tried to get the guy to take “detail shots” but it really didn’t work out. I was hoping for a close up of the scarf and the shoes, and he tried, but I don’t think he really understood the concept unfortunately…


At least he tried… I’m wearing a cheap skull scarf off ebay (it will do until I save up enough $$ to get the real Alexander McQueen one). A White House Black Market blouse, Silver jeans, and these very comfortable white shoes borrowed from my mom.

Sunday Shoes: Landlocked, Colorblocked

featured here.

I’ve recently fell in love with this pair of Zara heels that are wonderfully colorblocked. I originally saw them featured in Cupcakes and Cashmere, and then they popped up again on a different blog recently taunting me. Unfortunately, there is not a Zara anywhere in my state, which means I can’t get a hold of them.

So here are some substitutes from all price ranges. I personally love shoes with a heel on them, so all of these have a little bit of height (perfect for a short girl like me!).

Can I just say love? Prices on these range from $26 to over $600. I’ll have to hunt down a pair I really love this summer (or save up for those Marc Jacobs ones).

Fashion Rut

Dark wash jeans, sandals, and black. What do all these things have in common? They’re commonly found in my wardrobe.


I recently took up the offer from Already Pretty to join Go Chic or Go Home, a website that is a bit time-intensive but will allow you to upload photos of all your clothing and arrange them into new outfits. I figured it would be perfect for seeing what I was missing from my wardrobe.

Obviously I’m aware of my faults– I own a lot of black. Black clothes, black shoes (I have three pairs of black pumps, all very similar). As I began to upload, I expected there to be a lot of black. I used to shop exclusively at White House Black Market, so it wasn’t too surprising.

What I didn’t expect to find, however, was the jeans. I am in a jeans rut. This was actually incredibly embarrassing, considering I’m always complaining about my lack of pants (specifically jeans). I normally switch between 2-3 pairs. Well apparently, I have about 9 pairs of the exact same type of jean.


(Column 1: YMI jeans, Michael Kors jeans, American Eagle jeans. Column 2: BKE denim “Sabrina”, Big Star Jeans, BKE denim “culture”, Column 3: Silver “Tuesday” Jeans, Silver “Suki” Jeans, MEK denim)

They’re all dark wash with a flared leg (well minus the one pair of jeggings). I actually didn’t own a pair of skinny or straight leg jeans, nor a pair of white, grey, or light blue jeans. Even more depressing? I bought most of these at the same exact place (most of them are the same brand!).

It was even worse with sandals. I own nine pairs of sandals. NINE! I actually don’t even wear sandals, except during the 3 months in the summer which makes it an even more heinous crime.

I’ve already been working on getting myself out of these ruts — I’ve banned myself from buying anything black for awhile now (including tops and shoes). And now, I’ve also banned myself from dark-wash denim and I’m going to make a strong effort to add skinny and straight leg jeans into my closet.

And then some shoes that aren’t sandals.

What kind of ruts do you get into?

Trends I Love: Spring 2011

I’m seriously loving the trends for Spring 2011. Let me just say I can fully get behind the return of the bell bottom jeans, wide leg jeans, flared jeans–whatever you want to call them. I admit, through the entire skinny jean craze for the past couple years I refused to buy a pair. I was afraid I would end up looking like an ice cream cone because of my wide hips. However, I eventually broke down and bought a pair (or 2). But bell bottom jeans and wide leg jeans make my legs look so much longer, and I really need that illusion!

Colorblocking: as part of my Wardrobe Resolution(tm) this trend will add heaps of color into my wardrobe. I’m excited to start mixing hot pink with neon yellow and then throw some turquoise jewelry in the mix.

The old granny inside of me is leaping for joy at the trend of crochet and lace. Thankfully however, this season’s additions of these items is a little more subdued than an old tablecloth. I can’t wait to pick up a couple pieces to add here and there. I’ve already got a partially crocheted belt that can be my jumping off point.

I’ve always been a lover of all things nautical, so stripes is really something I can get behind. I recently picked up a cardigan from Target ($17.50) with blue and white stripes across it. However, I am generally wary of horizontal stripes–since they can contribute to making me look wider. But I really think that’s a case by case basis thing…

And I really saved the best for last: tassels! Who does not love tassels? I can’t imagine not loving them. Lately I’ve been seeing knee high boots with a tassel on the outer side and I can’t help but want a pair! I’m also liking a subtle tassel on a bright bag, or on a cute peep toe bootie.

I’d also like to give a nod towards the fruit trend I’ve been seeing everywhere lately. Those urban outfitter earrings above are really only the tip of an iceberg… I admit I almost bought a dress with lemons all over it the other day but I had to chose and the lilac crochet dress won out.

Goals & New Camera

My goals for my wardrobe this summer are to:

1) organize it! Right now my closet is a mess and I can’t find anything for the outfits I work on making.

2) Go through and throw out things that I will never wear again (it shrunk in the wash, etc) or that are completely worn out.

I also want to buy:

a) a pair of knee-high brown gladiator sandals

b) a pair of harem pants

c) colored trousers

d) shoes that are not black

e) something designer (Alexander Mcqueen, can I find you at a bargain?)

f) more jewelry. Looking at chunky.

e) shorts. I think I own one pair? Maybe two?

g) more blouses/nice tops. I’m graduating from college, not high school. I should have something besides t-shirts in my wardrobe.

Kinda like these…

I’ve also acquired a new camera for my graduation gift (my parents let me have it early!), so the picture quality on here is going to be 110% better than it was before.