Review: Prabal Gurung for Target Collaboration

Although I haven’t been posting much lately (so busy with school), I couldn’t resist a designer collaboration with Target.

The Prabal Gurung for Target Collaboration was released on Sunday, February 10th. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get out to see the collection until Monday afternoon. However, it seems that the collection was not nearly as well publicized as Missoni for Target since my local store had many of the pieces still available.

For reviews of individual pieces, click below!

Prabal Gurung for Target


1. Prabal Gurung for Target Ruffle Dress in Sulphur 

This was the least pleasing dress of the collection that I tried on. The color was far too bright for me, and the cut didn’t work for my body. I am a typical size 6, and this dress was listed as a 6. However for someone that can pull off the color and finds it flattering, it was not see-through (bonus!) and had a hidden zipper instead of a visible one.


2. Prabal Gurung for Target Drop Waist Dress in First Date Print

This dress was a big surprise for me. I found the cut flattering to my body which is a huge surprise with a drop waist dress (normally the most unflattering cut for me). However, the print was too much for me to ultimately purchase it.


3. Prabal Gurung for Target Dress with Full Skirt in Apple Red

This gorgeous dress was a size too large (size 8), or it would have come home with me. Although it has the visible zipper, it also has pockets and fabric was pretty thick — I could easily imagine this dress being a winter staple.


4. Prabal Gurung for Target Dress in Meet the Parents Print

This dress is the only item I purchased from the collection. Although I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another black and white dress, this one was irresistible. The fabric is silky smooth, and it has a great cut that works well for my body. Plus, I had to be practical — this item will get the most use in my current wardrobe rotation.


5.  Prabal Gurung for Target Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print

This dress was simply mediocre. It fell completely middle of the pack for me. It fit well, the fabric wasn’t bad, and it was decently flattering. However, it wasn’t amazing.


6. Prabal Gurung for Target Colorblock Long-Sleeve Cardigan in Dresden Blue

This cardigan was so hard for me to leave behind in the store. I loved it. The fabric was decent (not the best), but the fit was exactly what I’ve been looking for. In addition, the buttons on the cardigan were definitely a step up.


7. Prabal Gurung for Target Long-Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print 

This was a cute tee for what it was. I liked it well enough, but the print was definitely not my favorite.


8. Prabal Gurung for Target Pebble Racerback Tank in Atlantis Green

This top was very oversize (I’m wearing the small!) and I found it to be generally unflattering.


9. Prabal Gurung for Target Colorblock Pencil Skirt in Dresden Blue

This skirt would have been a cute addition to my work wardrobe, but it was my third choice (sadly). It was lined, the fabric was decently thick, and I liked the way it fit on my body.


10. Prabal Gurung for Target Skirt in Meet the Parents Print

I didn’t pick up this skirt, but it definitely had nice fabric. It also had a nice hidden zipper/button in the back. However, it was a little too poofy for me, and I don’t wear skirts that frequently.

Overall, my review of the collection is very favorable (as are others). I liked it far more than Missoni for Target and far better than Jason Wu for Target. The quality of the pieces is MUCH better than Jason Wu for Target (nice buttons, better fabric, hidden zippers…). And quite surprisingly, many of the pieces were far more flattering than I’d expected. If you have money to spare, I’d suggest picking up one or two pieces from the collection.

Review: Jason Wu for Target Collaboration

Originally, I figured Jason Wu for Target was going to be along the lines of Missoni Madness. So I figured I’d way up at 7 to hit Target by the time it opened. Of course, when 7 AM came, I decided to go back to sleep and check it out later. So when I went to Target around 12:30, I was pleasantly surprised to find stuff on the racks. There was enough size variety that I was able to try on just about everything.

Cut for a ridiculous amount of pictures, and you can see my review of individual pieces and the overall collection below…

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Review: Hot Tools Blue Ice Titanium 3 Barrel Waver

Hot Tools Htbl1175 Blue Ice Titanium 3 Barrel Waver

A couple months ago (around early summer?) I really wanted a 3 Barrel Waver. So I started researching, looking for the model I wanted to purchase. Then I stuck it in my cart and forgot about it. On Black Friday, I actually went through my saved items and found this 3 Barrel Waver for $30. I decided to snap it up.

My hair is very fine and very very flat. It looks utterly awful if it isn’t styled.


Needless to say, I need a curling iron or barrel waver that gets really hot. This one has settings from 1-10. They are labeled low, medium, high, and hot. Each setting is also for a different hair type. So settings 1-2 (low) are for fragile hair, settings 3-4 (med) are for normal hair, settings 5-6 (high) are for wavy hair) and settings 7-10 (hot) are for thick hair.

Of course, I immediately set mine on the 5. While my hair isn’t wavy, I also like getting results. I’ve also found that a lot of curling irons won’t give me even a little bit of curl, so I decided to go for results over directions.

Over the course of waving my hair, I actually had to turn down the waver to setting 4 because it was just too hot! I found this very delightful, since I assume it will work on most (if not all) hair types. I also tried several different techniques with it: just clamping it on the hair, twisting the hair around the barrels, and then twirling the hair and twisting it around the barrels.


This is before I put in any gel or ran my fingers through it. Overall, I thought it turned out really nicely. It even stayed in for the next day, while still looking nice.

Since I tend to do a lot of things with my hair (especially when it’s longer), I would say this was a worthwhile purchase for me. If anyone is looking for a 3 barrel waver, I would definitely recommend this one!


When  contacted me a couple weeks ago and offered me a chance to review one of their photos on canvas  prints I was delighted and eagerly accepted. As you may (or may not) know, I love art and canvases are my favorite way of seeing art presented.

So after hunting through hundreds of images I managed to narrow my choices down to three photographs. My only worry was that all of these photographs? They are old. As in multiple years old. As in, I took them when-I-was-in-High-School old. Taken with very old cameras. So I wasn’t entirely sure how the canvas would turn out if I chose them. However, I desperately wanted a picture from Hawaii. allowed me to preview the canvas on the website and told me that the photos I uploaded had a “good” image quality. Even with my worry about my image quality, I went with the picture.

I was able to customize the canvas size, the canvas wrap thickness, and the border options for my canvas.  In the end, I chose a 10”x8” print, with .75” wrap thickness, and I chose the mirror image border. Then I only had to wait for the my canvas to arrive.

One of my worries about ordering a canvas online is damage. UPS, FedEx, and the USPS haven’t always been known to take good care of items being shipped. However, my canvas arrived well protected. It was wrapped in plastic, and then brown paper and shipped in a perfectly sized box.

The quality of the canvas is great, I compared it to a similar painted canvas in my home and there is no discernible difference. Included on the back of the canvas is a hook that allowed me to easily hang up the picture as soon as a received it (and decided where it would go). In addition, my worries about the photograph I chose were unfounded. The picture turned out beautifully and now I have a little piece of peaceful Hawaii hanging in my room.

I also ended up loving the mirror image border. I felt that it allowed the full photograph to be shown, as the image wrap around didn’t. In addition, it looks wonderful and I love how subtle it is. You would almost never be able to tell it is a mirror image of the last inch or so of the print unless you looked very closely.

I wasn’t the only one impressed with the canvas print, either. Both my parents and one of their employees thought the image turned out wonderfully and my mom plans to order something from them.

I fully plan to order from again, because I really loved the product. My only suggestion is to play around with the image preview. Of the three photos I decided between, I ended up choosing my second choice. When I tested out my first choice, it simply didn’t look right in the preview. In the end, I’m truly happy I went with my second choice. The little piece of Hawaii reminds me of the great times I spent with my family and the amazing helicopter ride we went on there.

If you decide you want to purchase a canvas print from you can get 50% off and free shipping on your next order if you like them on Facebook (I already mentioned this to my Mom!). I know that I love saving money, and I’m sure you guys do too.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this canvas print and several gift cards free from I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Review: Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl’s

A couple days ago, I was hunting around online and ran across the Jennifer Lopez Collection on Now, my family loves Jennifer Lopez. We own tons of her movies and The Wedding Planner is our go-to film when all of us girls are home. (The scene at the end with the M&M’s? That’s a classic in our family!) So I knew I had to had to Kohl’s and review the collection, especially since I enjoyed the Missoni collaboration review so much.

Unless remarked otherwise, all items tried on were in a size small.

Head behind the cut to see all the pictures and my review of the collection.

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