Review: Jason Wu for Target Collaboration

Originally, I figured Jason Wu for Target was going to be along the lines of Missoni Madness. So I figured I’d way up at 7 to hit Target by the time it opened. Of course, when 7 AM came, I decided to go back to sleep and check it out later. So when I went to Target around 12:30, I was pleasantly surprised to find stuff on the racks. There was enough size variety that I was able to try on just about everything.

Cut for a ridiculous amount of pictures, and you can see my review of individual pieces and the overall collection below…

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Black Friday Purchases

As I mentioned, Black Friday is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I go out every single year and snag great deals. This year was not nearly as fruitful as last year (or the year before), but I managed to grab a couple great items.

I also went in of a list of people I needed to shop for, along with items that I was looking for. My list included: sweaters, a variety of pants, button-ups, scarves, and other such things.

First, I headed to Walmart at 10pm when doorbuster sales started. I snagged these DVDs, though I sadly was unable to get Bridesmaids.

Walmart Deals: Moulin Rouge: $1.96; The Mummy: $1.96; The Hangover: $1.96; Beastly: $5.00; Easy A: $5.00. 

They also had TV seasons for $10. I ended up buying some for X-mas gifts. The Wal-mart deals were really the best around in this case. I haven’t ever seen any movies (even on Amazon) for a lower price, even on Black Friday.

The second place I headed was Old Navy. My sister really wanted to go there, so we ended up waiting in line until they opened at midnight. Then I snagged a couple things and immediately popped into the dressing room before it filled up.

Old Navy Deals: White Jeans: $20 (marked down from $34.50); Oatmeal Sweater: $15 (marked down from $36.94). 

Target: Grey Sweater: $17.99 (full price); 2 pairs of gloves (not pictured): $2. 

Rue 21 Deals: 7 pairs of underwear (not pictured): $7.00 ($1 per pair deal); Scarf: $12.99.

Old Navy had decent deals, but my sister had gone there the Sunday before Black Friday and told me they had even better deals then. So in that sense, it was a little disappointing. However, I chose to snag a pair of white jeans since I’ve been hunting for a pair of a bit. And then a comfy sweater.

Target yielded it pitiful results. The best deals they had were on movies, but the deals weren’t as good as Walmart’s. I ended up purchasing a sweater I found, even though it was full price because it was exactly what I was looking for.

Rue 21 was perfect for the cute underwear stop since Victoria’s Secret was too crowded to be worth going in to (seriously). The scarf was an unexpected adorable bonus.

My last “real” Black Friday purchase was from American Eagle. They were having 40% off the entire store, so I couldn’t resist finding the perfect plaid button up.

American Eagle Deals: Plaid Button-up: $23.70 (full price $39.40).

I purchased this dress on Saturday, from a small boutique in my town called Les Saisons. They have the most stunning clothing, and I fell in love with this dress they had a couple weeks ago. When my sister said she was going down there, I jumped at the chance to try it on and I couldn’t resist bringing it home.

I also ended up hunting around on Amazon, and purchased a year’s subscription to Cosmo ($5.00), a year’s subscription to Vogue ($15.00), and a three barrel curling iron ($30 marked down from $85). Which satisfied my Black Friday deals mania.

Obviously, I also purchased a couple Christmas gifts, but they weren’t included in the post for obvious reasons. 🙂

Review: Jennifer Lopez Collection for Kohl’s

A couple days ago, I was hunting around online and ran across the Jennifer Lopez Collection on Now, my family loves Jennifer Lopez. We own tons of her movies and The Wedding Planner is our go-to film when all of us girls are home. (The scene at the end with the M&M’s? That’s a classic in our family!) So I knew I had to had to Kohl’s and review the collection, especially since I enjoyed the Missoni collaboration review so much.

Unless remarked otherwise, all items tried on were in a size small.

Head behind the cut to see all the pictures and my review of the collection.

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How to: Shop on Black Friday

Around the middle of October, I start to look forward to late November. The reason? Black Friday. I absolutely love shopping and I love Black Friday.

Every year you see articles about hordes of people descending on stores and going utterly mad. You hear tales of people getting trampled, and all sorts of insanity and you just want to avoid it. So you cower in your home and don’t take advantage of any of the great deals that are out and about. Trust me when I say this a tragedy.

There are ways to avoid the danger zone. I’ve gone shopping on Black Friday for the past two years, and have very wonderful memories of it. I get all my holiday shopping done on Black Friday. I fully plan on going this year.

Here are my tips on how to shop safely on Black Friday…

1) Don’t look for anything specific. 

When Black Friday shopping, have a list of items you’d like to run across. I tend to avoid anything too specific, such as a particular brand’s item that you must have. Vague can be good! For instance, if I was looking for colored denim I’d simply have “colored denim” on the list, I wouldn’t have “J Brand cobalt mid rise skinny jean”. Be willing to compromise.

Be open to just looking around. See if anything catches your eye. One year I bought a couple pairs of leggings for about $2 each. I wasn’t looking for them, but I saw them and remembered I didn’t own any leggings.

2) Bring A Friend.

I really cannot stress this point enough. I always go Black Friday shopping with my little sister, Christine. I’ve always seen shopping as a social activity, and having feedback from a pal can really help with sale madness (sale madness: when ugly things start looking good because you’re getting a deal).

Lines can be really long on Black Friday, so it’s important to have someone you can chit chat with. I remember waiting a half hour in one line at Kohl’s last year (to be fair it was 11:30, and none of the other stores’ lines were that long), and it was great having my sister around to talk to.


If you go into Black Friday feeling like you’re about to get your teeth pulled then you will not enjoy it. Look around, browse, and window shop. Giggle over ridiculous items, laugh with your friend(s), try on hideous clothing for fun and amusement. Black Friday does not have to be a mission, you don’t have to get in and get out as if this is Mission Impossible. Black Friday does not have to be akin to torture. Essentially, HAVE FUN!

4) Get Your Holiday Shopping Done.

Have a list of people you need to shop for. Once you find something you think Mom or Friend X, Y, or Z would like, cross their name off the list. Do not be one of those people who goes shopping the night before Christmas. It is not fun (I speak from experience). Really, get your holiday shopping done on Black Friday. I actually cut my holiday shopping budget in half one year.

5) Do Not Be The Early Bird.

This may seem counter intuitive, but those stampedes of crazy? Those happen in the early morning rushes at 3 AM. This is what you want to avoid. Going around 8-10AM is a way better option, because by that point the 3 AM crazy people have gone home to revel in their new purchases. Admittedly, you may not get the very best of the best deals. However, since you’re not looking for specific items which could get sold out (see: electronics) then it’s not too worrisome.

Most stores have Black Friday deals until noon, so by heading out between 8 AM and 10 AM you’re getting their early enough to still get the best deals while avoiding the utter madness. Usually the ones after noon are still decent, but not nearly as good as the ones before noon.

6) Know What Stores Are Priority.

Have a list of stores that you want to hit up. My strategy is to hit the mall stores first since they’re all close together making for less travel time. JCPenny, Macys, Kohls, etc. are all in one place making it easy to hop from store to store. Then we hit the outer stores (Target, Best Buy, etc) that are only a couple minutes away, and lastly the stores that are half hour away.


However, I know there are people who cannot stand crowds in any way, shape, or form. For you, I recommend…

7) Cyber Monday: Online Shopping

Once Cyber Monday hits, I immediately head to

The movie section will be particularly fruitful. Last year I snagged Princess Bride last year ($3), along with How to Train Your Dragon ($5) and a couple disney movies. I did not pay over $5 for a movie on Cyber Monday.

Check out box sets of your favorite TV Shows. Last year I bought the first four seasons of Dexter for $20 or less for each box set. I also snagged the first season of Glee for $20. Hunt around and check down out the markdowns.

I personally suggest that you should look at prices before Black Friday/Cyber Monday hits. This can help you gauge what the most dramatic markdowns are. Putting all the items in your cart and popping on Amazon throughout a couple weeks will give you and idea of the price changes.  I’m always putting stuff in my cart and seeing how the price changes over a month or so.

Missoni x Target Collaboration: Review

So yesterday was September 13. The day the Target/Missoni collaboration was released. I started by attempting to access Target’s website, but that was down (it was down for pretty much the entire day) and stores sold out fast.

After my experience with the Macy’s in my area where I had hoped to try on some items from the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration (sadly my hopes were cruelly dashed when the sales people had no clue what I was talking about, and said the Macy’s here did not carry the Lagerfeld for Impulse line. Although you can purchase online here), I was understandably wary about the Target in the area actually having anything from the Missoni collaboration. So I called ahead. The conversation went something like:

Me: So, I just have a question, are you stocking the Missoni collaboration with Target?

Target Employee: [laughs] We’re out of the women’s sizes. We had people lining up outside our doors, and we were sold out by 11 [note: at this point it was around 2pm].

Me: [Surprised] Really?! What about the kid’s shoes?

Target Employee: Oh yeah, we’ve got shoes and boots in.

Me: [Relieved] Oh, what about the kid’s clothing?

Target Employee: We’ve got plenty left in the kid’s section, the women’s section only has a couple items left though.

Me: Okay, thanks! I’ll be in soon!

So needless to say, I was not expecting many items in the store by the time I got in. Considering the demographic of the area, I was kind of surprised so many items had sold out so quickly but I was mostly hunting for the shoes anyway. However I did choose to try on the clothes that were left (in the sizes I could fit into).

Also, heading in to the store I knew I was setting my budget at $70 for the whole trip.

First up are these Velour shorts (women’s):

I tried these on in a size medium. While they were a nice length and super comfy, I felt like they made me look wider than I am and were unflattering in the crotch area. For $25, I took a pass on these.

Next up was this Chevron Shirt (women’s):

I tried this on in a size small. This was definitely well made, fitted well, nice fabric, and I loved it. If it hadn’t been $30 I would have purchased it. However, with the amount of black and white shirts already in my wardrobe? I had to take a pass. However, if Target decides to restock some Missoni I will likely go back and snag this, similarities (and budget) be damned.

Then I raided the children’s section for items, and grabbed this Girl’s Purple Cardigan:

I tried this on in a size large. You know, I thought about this one a lot. I really wanted a cardigan from the Missoni collaboration and this one seemed like the golden ticket. However, I found the fabric was not particular stretchy and had very little “give”. In addition, the fabric felt a little scratchy. The sleeve length on this puppy was fine though. I think it could have worked well with a dress since the length is a little cropped on me. However, since I didn’t love it and it was $30 I took a pass. (And looking at the pictures, I really like how it looks on me. It didn’t look nearly that great in the store!)

Lastly, I tried on this Girl’s Multicolored Sleeveless Sweater Dress:

I tried this on in a size large. However, it definitely was not a “dress” on me. Definitely more along the tunic lines, but I thought it looked better a shirt. The quality seemed decent, but I hated the way it looked on my body. I took a pass on this one.

All in all, what did I purchase from Target x Missoni collaboration?

I chose to snag the zig zag knee highs in brown and black ($7), the girl’s ballet flats in size 4 ($23), and the women’s zig zag pattern flats in size 5 and 1/2 ($30).

Although the women’s shoes were picked over, I was lucky since I have tiny feet. Since I’ve been complaining about my lack of available shoes and my need for news ones, the shoes seemed the best purchases for me (I’ve also been craving a pair of knee highs). I managed to stay under budget, ringing in at checkout at $65.14.

I would have enjoyed snagging a scarf or two and trying on some other items from the collection, but it simply wasn’t meant to be. I’m feeling very zen about this collection, possibly because the last time I missed a Target collection I snagged the item I wanted (JPG for Target Moto Jacket) off ebay for the price it sold for at Target (so no markups).

I would also like to mention that I did try on the black suede pumps (size 6) but ultimately passed them up since I already own +4 pairs of black pumps and I’m trying to fill holes in my wardrobe and not repeat my past mistakes, you know? However, it was definitely a sadness tinged moment when I passed those up. (To be clear, they were pretty comfy, good heel, and seemed like decent quality. I would have purchased them if they weren’t black!)

Did anyone else make it to Target? Was there anything left on your shelves? If so, what did you manage to snag?

Chatty Kathy: Some Days Are Just PJ Days

No new outfit post this morning, sadly. I managed to sleep for over 12 hours yesterday, so I woke up at 2 PM! At that point, I simply figured why bother getting dressed? And thus, I spend the whole day in pajamas. I’m not gonna lie, it was wonderful.

Instead I’ll show you some of my haul from the shopping weekend, and a couple of links. Regular outfits will resume tomorrow.

Christine really wanted to head into Bath and Bodyworks while we were in the mall, and I got these two things. This little chick handsoap was too adorable to leave behind, and that massage was definitely a worthwhile purchase. I’ve already used it 5+ times and it was only $4.50! My Mom realized later that she should have bought one too.

Ordered this makeup palette of 88 eyeshadows off of awhile back and it just got here. Super excited to use all the wonderful bright colors. The pots themselves are really small, but it’s not like I ever use all my larger ones. I also got a nice set of 13 makeup brushes in the sale. So excited to use them.

Things Worth Reading…

–Young, Fat, & Fabulous talks about not letting your fashion choices be dictated by your size and shape.

–Lolita by Nabokov, if you haven’t read it. It’s my favorite book, and I highly recommend it. The language is to die for.

–There’s been a lot of response to Julie Klausner’s post on Tumbler, but I loved Kaelah Bee’s (from Little Chief Honeybee) take on it. Kaelah Bee is amazing, if you’re not following her you should be.

–Sal from Already Pretty did a post on body hair.

–The Daily Mail’s post on the fashion industry and racism. (via College Fashion).

–Wish I could take this job opportunity. If only I lived in NYC. (via Gala Darling).

–These two posts on being beautiful in the blogging world, and body pressure in the blogosphere (you can also read Part 2 here). These are must reads for anyone blogging on style and fashion. If you read nothing else, read these!

(Uh oh, beginning a tangent…)

What got me started blogging was Kaelah Bee of Little Chief Honeybee mostly because I hadn’t seen other girls blogging who were curvy, or short, or… different from a fashion model. And, obviously, I’m curvy and short and clothes often don’t fit me right (see length of pants, or button up shirts). I try to feature a variety of girls in my sidebar–girls who are tall, thin, short, curvy, etc because that is what inspired me to start blogging–a girl who looked like me.  Every single blog listed on my sidebar is there because I love their blog, and I read it daily/every other day.

(Tangent continuing….)

In the same thread of thought, I would love for my little sister, Christine, to start her own style blog. I’m always super jealous of her outfits, and she’s honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever run across.

See here:

That day she was also wearing a camel colored coat over her outfit, and she seriously looked the definition of luxury. However, I would bet that that outfit probably cost around $50. Maybe. Who wouldn’t want to follow a blog done by her?

When she was younger, people used to be really nasty and rude to her about her weight and it made me so furious because she’s the sweetest girl. When I was in college she always sent me cards on Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or just for no reason, and it makes me so angry to think of anyone hurting her feelings. And then I think, should she start a style blog? What if she gets nasty comments from others? I wouldn’t want her to experience that. But, on the other hand, I’m sure others on the internet would definitely appreciate her unique style and I bet she could share some great shopping tips. It’s hard to say what course of action anyone should take, of course, and I don’t know what the right course of action is (in fact, I more often than not take the wrong course).

Anyway, enough Chatty Kathy. I’ll resume 30×30 tomorrow morning.

Pleasant Peasant Dress

I mentioned marathon shopping over the weekend didn’t I? Below is a set of four items I picked up on that spree.


I snagged this dress from Nostalgia for a total of (count it:) $14. Marked down fro $48. Tights from Delia, $12. Then the bag and shoes are from Better than New, a discount store that sells designer (esque) brands. Steve Madden boots were $25, Rosetti bag was also $25.

Great deals, but I’m not sure how well the tights go with the rest of the outfit. Boy-o assured me that it worked well, but I’m not entirely sure I should be taking fashion advice from someone who wears holy jeans and band t-shirts.

My alternative, had it been slightly warmer, was a pair of new gold sandals and bare legs. Unfortunately, this is Western Washington and it’s freezing.


I can’t wait to wear this dress out dancing or something. It gives a great twirl.

Quick Hit: Green

This is just a quick daily outfit post since I’ve been super busy this week. See: finals, sister #2 visiting, etc.

Sister #2 came up this weekend and we had a marathon shopping spree that went from 9 AM – 4 PM. Yeah. It was awesome.


I picked up this shirt at Nostalgia this weekend. Super cute and perfect for St. Patty’s Day! (Especially since I have no green in my wardrobe.)


My sister tried it on first and I had to have it once I saw it. We both ended up buying it because it was cute on my curvy figure and her teeny tiny one. I think I paid only around $18-$22 for it.


Will update sometime this week (hopefully tomorrow) with more shopping trip results.

Feeling the Fifties…

Being super busy with volunteering, work, and finals coming up I haven’t posted in some time! Whoops!

Recently, my siblings have all been calling me and threatening saying they’ll be visiting. This weekend I hosted two of my sisters for the evening/night/morning.



This is my sister, Christine, and I. I’m super short so I had to reach up just to be in the picture.

My other practically adopted but really family sister, Taylor, sat in the backseat. We ended up going to Applebees for dinner and then they wanted to go Kmart.

Christine is one of those super shoppers who never buys anything over $10 (that might be a little exaggerated, but barely). Kmart is apparently one of the places to go, and since I was with her I ended up picking up a $4 fuzzy white jacket.



Hat: Kmart; Jacket: Arden B, purchased from Goodwill; Shirt: purchased from JCPenny when I worked at Ross; Purse: Purchased from Ross while I worked there.

I also had to try on this awesome looking hat. It’s so difficult to find a nice hat nowadays. Unfortunately, this one did not work, at all.

And today, I received two dresses in the mail. One from, was ugly as sin and I refuse to post a picture of me wearing it because it was utterly revolting (it was so cute in the picture too!). The second, from, I purchased during their Cabin Fever sale.


This was worn with…pearls: a Christmas gift, from Hawaii. Wedge heels: Rampage.

I snagged this for only $35, when it was originally priced at $118. Talk about a steal! The fabric is a wonderful texture, and it will be a great staple to replace my old, and very faded black and white dress. I also love the adorable fifties-esque silhouette that it has.

These Boots Were Made For Walking?

I would have posted much sooner, but I forgot that John was leaving Thursday night and wouldn’t be back until Saturday. Trying to get a full body picture then would have been close to futile, and since the whole point of this post is to show off my new boots? It was necessary.

Today was rather rainy and awful out, but not when I got dressed, hence the outfit:


Ironically I waited for John to get home so he could take a bunch of blurry pictures.

Here’s a close up of the front of the jacket:


Jacket: Super cute purchase from Goodwill. Top: INC, also Goodwill.

Since I was mostly running errands today I wasn’t terribly worried about these boots. I acquired them half price (!!!) on when they were having a sale. I snagged these babies for only $45. Super good deal. Plus they are surprisingly comfortable. I wore them for 5 hours today and my feet hardly hurt afterwards (and my pain threshold is pretty much nil).



Boots: Steve Madden.


The outfit without the jacket is pretty cute too. Unfortunately the top is short-sleeved which means it is unlikely I’ll be wearing it alone in Washington weather. A girl doesn’t want to freeze to death every time she leaves her house.


Those tights I picked up Black Friday at JCPenny, I believe. They’re not that great, but I only paid like $3 for them. (You might also be able to see my other addiction is books).

Needless to say, today was not the usual Pajama Monday that I normally have.

I also won an adorable 80’s cocktail dress off Ebay recently. I can’t wait until it gets here!