Lake Chelan, WA

In the middle of August, my family and I went to Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan in summer is a tradition in my family, we go every year.  It’s always really nice to relax by the beach or the pool, and this year we even did a couple wine tastings. I’ve been meaning to post pictures from vacation for awhile, but was too busy to go through them until now.


Me and my sisters also went zip lining! It was a lot of fun, and totally worth the possible death/dismemberment.

Of course, we also did the common touristy Chelan things like wine tastings.



Most of my Chelan outfits were the same: a bikini and then a cover-up to walk down to the beach. I’m pretty sure I wore only ten of the thirty-odd items I ended up packing. However, this simple sundress was a lifesaver–I wore it multiple times in the week we were there.

Also, interesting thing about the lake? There are tons of dragonflies! For some reason they all seemed really attracted to me, I couldn’t be out on the water without at least one (usually two) landing on me.


Floral Polka Dots

Outfit Details: Dress: ?; Cardigan (old): Gap; Shoes: K-mart.

While on vacation I picked up this dress and one other from a cute little boutique. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the name of it and the bag they gave me didn’t have a name on it either! I ended up wearing this to my appointment with my hairstylist on one particularly sunny day. Highlights and a haircut definitely fixed up my hair after vacation!

In the height of awesomeness, I went to Starbucks the other day (and I was running late and starving since I hadn’t eaten breakfast) and when I pulled up to the window someone had already paid for my stuff. Pay it forward! However, my attempt to pay it forward this morning was thwarted since I was the only person in the drive thru.


Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Dress: Target; Earrings: gift; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s

 So around March, I gave up on my white cardigan. It was a goner–old, pilling, kind of dingy and it may have slightly shrunk in the wash. I began passively searching for a new one–too lazy to actively look, I decided if I ran across one that worked for me I’d purchase it. Anyway, at Target before I went on vacation, I snagged this white one. I prefer the slightly larger fit on this one, so it turned out nicely. Also, haven’t I remixed this dress enough now?


As this was before I redyed my hair, you can really see how vacation lightened it up!



Skirting The Issue

Outfit Details: Top:; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, borrowed; Jewelry: gift.

Recently I had a couple glasses of wine and did some online shopping. Of the items I ordered, this top is the only item I kept. Thankfully it makes a wonderful shirt to contribute to the more professional side of my closet. Working at my second job is allowing me to get more creative with my outfits since there isn’t really a dress code other than “no jeans”.


These shoes are one of my favorite pairs (and are a size too big!) that I borrowed from my Mom. I chose to play up the pearl/crochet detailing of the top by added a pearl necklace and earrings. It seemed like an easy way to enhance the neckline of the top without overpowering it.

Newly Minted

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s.

Can I just say I now see why other bloggers always wear dresses? They’re so easy. Just throw it on, and voila! instant polish. Plus, I totally forgot about this dress! I bought it a year-ish ago and I’ve worn it only a couple times. Mint is very in right now, but it seems I’ve always had a fondness for that color (I’m waiting ’till fall to whip out this awesome velvet dress that I’ve owned for years now that velvet is back in).

In other news–I’ve had this post sitting on my desktop for over a week. Remember how I posted about my spotty internet connection? It got way worse. It got to the point where boyfriend and I were lucky to be able to connect to the internet for more than 15 minutes a day. This made it absolutely impossible to actually get anything up. We had to get Comcast to come out and fix things up, and last night we finally got the internet back. Of course, I immediately went and got these pictures up. I’m really hoping that this will be the last of my internet connectivity issues.

I’m always gravitating to these nude pumps now. It’s nice to have such a comfortable neutral pair of heels. When I wear them to the office I never have to worry about switching them out for the flats I carry in my purse…


This is the first opportunity I’ve had to access internet since Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, my internet at home has been on the fritz, so the posts I meant to schedule haven’t managed to be. In addition, I’m currently on vacation (I left on the 10th) and I’ll be gone through the 16th or 17th.

Posting will resume as normal after that!





Outfit Details: Shirt: Cable & Gauge, via Macy’s; Cardigan: via Ross; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Steven Madden, via TJ Maxx.

Remember how none of my pants fit when I lost a bunch of weight and I had to buy new jeans? Well, it was the same way with any sort of professional pant. Since I already had to buy new black slacks, I headed to the Gap and finally tried on their slim cropped pant. I love cropped pants. I didn’t even have to hem these because they hit me at just the right length.

I ended up wearing this to my new Saturday office job. Then I went home and changed into shorts so I wouldn’t die from the heat as I strolled around town to snag myself some tasty peppermint ice cream.


Pollock Print

Outfit Details: Dress: thrifted; Belt: thrifted; Shoes: Ross

What, what? Dress posts twice in a row? I know, I’m just as surprised. However with the utterly gorgeous sunshine that has finally hit Washington state, I can’t bear to be in jeans.

As a bonus, I recently fell in love with this dress I thrifted over a year ago. I’ve worn it only once before, with a different belt. For awhile I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but when I put it this day something changed. I belted it, made the top slightly more blouse-y which had the added benefit of making the dress shorter and I went “Oh my god. I love it.”

It’s interesting how, for months, you can be ambivalent about a garment only to one day completely change your tune.

Shades of Neutrals

Outfit Details: Dress: Calvin Klein, via TJ Maxx; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s.

Wore this to my second day of training at my office job. I almost never have a good opportunity to whip out this pretty dress, but I love when I get to wear it! Unfortunately, after 6 hours it is a bit wrinkled.

These nude pumps? Obsessed. In April, Macy’s got a boatload of nude pumps in so I tried on every single pair. I’ve been hunting for nude pumps since December and these were perfect and comfortable. And I didn’t buy them. In fact, I was on my shopping ban.

So June rolls around, and I go in Macy’s to buy a wedding gift for a friend… and I just so happen to spot the shoe section I’m still pretending it wasn’t deliberate. The nude pumps I fell in love with in April? On sale. 10% off. As a bonus, they are also the last pair in the store  (also known as the display pair) and so Macy’s gave me another 15% off. So I got 25% off for shoes I was planning to purchase anyway! And they go with everything.


Outfit Details: Jacket: Old Navy; Button Down: Cotton Candy; Tank: Hand-me-down; Yoga Pants: Rue 21; Shoes: Blowfish.

When I visiting my parents at their workplace the other day, my mother saw this outfit. She said “I see you put in the bare minimum today.”  I chose to interpret this to mean that my outfit was practical. Admittedly, this outfit is centered around the fact that I desperately wanted to wear yoga pants. I never realized how comfy they were until a couple weeks ago. Now I’m obsessed! I snagged a bunch of yoga pants recently when I ran into a $5 yoga pants sale while checking out the local stores (also known as: the mall). I’m still trying to find acceptable ways to wear them out in public.