Floral Frenzy (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Navy Tank: Hollister, gift from sister; Cardigan: Mac & Jac, via Ross; Skirt: Annabelle, via local shop Nostalgia; Shoes: White House Black Market

I wanted to wear this skirt one last time during the 21 Day Challenge. I’ve discovered it can pretty much go with everything. Which is a pretty exciting discovery (that you think I’d have figured out sooner) since I used to just pair it with this one white tank top every single time I wore it.

I felt like going for a darker color palette to really let the skirt shine. As you may guess, jewelry is not my forte. Hence the reason I nixed it for this outfit today. I like my outfits without jewelry most of the time, and my collection of jewelry is rather tiny so until it fills out a little more I’m limited on my jewelry pairings.

I’ll admit, I’m kind of sad that the 21 Day Challenge is over (maybe that’s the reason for my moody color palette?). It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the prompts. I would (and will) definitely participate again.

I added these super comfy WHBM pumps that are one of my best purchases. I love heels, and I love wearing heels. Oftentimes I find heels/wedges more comfortable than flats because I feel like I get better arch support. These ones in particular are amazing.

Also, when I went to visit Bellingham a friend of mine and I did a photo shoot. Becky was looking to fill out her portfolio and we had a bunch of fun working together. You can see some of the teaser pics here.

Footloose (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Cardigan: small local shop, Nostalgia; Blouse: Romy; Jeans: TJ Maxx; Shoes: Modcloth

These pink modcloth pumps always put me in a great mood when I wear them. I love them so much that I… almost never wear them. It’s funny how the items that I love the most are always the ones I never wear. I always feel like I need to “save” them–which is something I’m trying to get over. On my recent closet purge I found a dress I had never worn and it was one that I absolutely loved. Sadly, it no longer fit and I had to donate it. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you! Wear the clothes that you’re saving for special occasions, don’t just let them hang in your closet!

I figure if you’re visiting a style blog, then you’re going to be expecting lots and lots of pictures. And today, you’re certainly going to get an overload because the photo gods looked at me and smiled. I definitely got a great amount of use-able photos for today.

My peppy outfit also certainly cheered me up after yesterday’s mild depressive episode I fell into. Athough I wouldn’t normally pair pink and green together, after I threw on the top and looked in the mirror I shrugged and decided to roll with it. Let me tell you, I love this outfit. I may wear it on days I don’t post outfits, because I want to wear it again and again.

Oh you probably want to see a detail shot of those gorgeous shoes, don’t you?

Also, I painted my nails gold last night. I love it. It’s unfortunate that I’ve already chipped one. 😦

I haven’t done anything truly interesting today other than apply for a plethora of jobs. So that’s it. At least this outfit kept my mood in happy/cheerful range.

Like Cleopatra (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Top: Local Store, Nostalgia; Headband: gift; Jeans: Michael Kors, thrifted; Shoes: Lindsay Phillips

As you saw above, you’re getting some hilarious pictures today thanks to one of my family’s dogs, Webster. My family has two dogs, Stevie and Webster, and Webster holds a special place of honor in our family. When my dad and I took the dogs to get groomed, my dad made me sit in the backseat so that Webster could have the front seat. Seriously. When I pointed out that Webster could sit in the backseat, my dad told me “I only get Webster for a couple more years, but I’ll have you forever!” Thanks Dad, love you too.

In case you’re wondering what Webster is doing to that footstool, he’s cleaning his face after eating dinner. That chair? Only decoration, because it’s well known in our house that that chair is the dog’s chair–and thus, covered in dog fur. Sometimes I sit in it, don’t judge me!

Oh yeah, I should probably also talk about my outfit, huh? I should mention that I am lazy, and I almost never put on jewelry because of this character flaw of mine. That’s why when I saw this top I had to snag it. It has built in adornment! How could I pass something that awesome up? And, to seal the bargain, it even has puff sleeves (a favorite) and a built in bra! No necklace necessary with this top!

Since it was adornment on the head day, I snagged this headband out of my headband box. It very closely resembles the t-shirt’s built in necklace, so I felt I was coordinating. The color of the jewels on the headband are ever so slightly off, but not noticeable, right?

I decided to not put on skinny jeans this time, and instead grabbed my favorite thrifting find ever, these Michael Kors jeans. Who knew I could be that lucky? In other news, this is what I look like without a trace of makeup. I have gotten so lazy in the past few days, and this morning I felt awful (and sick) which didn’t really help. I’ve also been feeling a little depressed lately, and kinda missing being in a relationship/being married. Mostly, I think I just miss the companionship.

(Oh, and title has no relevance to post. The song is just stuck in my head.) 

Eyelets and Pearls (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Shoes: Payless; Necklace: Forever 21; Earrings: X-mas gift from ‘rents.

Have you ever tried to plan an outfit around a necklace? It’s hard. I changed close into four entirely different outfits before settling on this dress. If you couldn’t tell, I really wanted to wear this necklace.

When the prompt for statement jewelry came up, I knew that I would need to wear this necklace. It was a must. Sure, I have other statement pieces in my (teensy, tiny) jewelry collection, but this one is my favorite. It’s just incredibly difficult to find something to pair with although it would probably help if I did my laundry.

This outfit ended up a bit too 50’s housewife to me, otherwise I like it well enough. I think I need to play around with this dress a bit.

I paired this necklace (with its ginormous strands of pearls) with my simple pearl studs, glasses (because I always wear those), and these simple small white wedges. Although I didn’t take a direct picture of it, you may notice that my fingernails are a wonderful gold shade that I snagged recently.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been trying to get this location to work for pictures (changing up the scenery, yakknow?). However, I don’t really like the way the pictures are turning out, so it’s back to the living room for me.

Death Throes (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Tank Top: Gift from Sister; Jeans: TJ Maxx; Shoes: Blowfish

I’m still getting back into the swing of things now, hence the late posts. By tomorrow, I should be perfectly on schedule (like I used to be). You may be wondering what the repaired item here is. That would be the top.

This top used to be my sister’s and the straps were much too long for it to work on me (unless I wanted to show the world my bra). So the straps were cut and sewed so that the length would be better for me. I’m starting to wonder if this top needs a hem too. It’s a little too short (by like 2 inches) to be a dress on me. It probably worked better for my sister who is much taller.

It’s a gorgeous shade of blue, in a jersey sort of fabric. I decided to pair it with a cardigan, because I don’t usually like to show off my back and this tank is a racerback. Needless to say, a lot more skin than I’m used to showing.

I also fully admit that I have become obsessed with my two pairs of skinny jeans/jeggings. They’re amazing. Why did I never pick a pair up before now?!

I was planning for this post to be populated with several more photos, however my camera decided to thwart me in this task and died. Whoops, I suppose that’s what I get for not charging my battery last night.

Man I Feel Like… (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Blazer: AGB; Blouse: White House, Black Market; Pants: Mossimo; Shoes: DVF, from the Outnet.

I fully admit that Menswear is not my forte. I love the looks of menswear, but it is very much not my style. I always find attempting menswear to be difficult because I have a very curvy figure, and the looks that I tend to love are…not made for curvier figures.

I decided to go for the suit look. Mostly because I wanted to wear this blazer. I ended up pairing it with pants in lighter shade of grey, as I did not have a pair that was closer in color to the blazer. I then debated with myself for several minutes before deciding I could live with it–and it probably doesn’t look that bad. Then came the discovery that these pants are not hemmed. At 5’1″, my pants need to be hemmed there is no way around it. To thwart this problem, I safety pinned the bottom and wore my highest heels (6″).

I felt like the slicked down/pulled back hair worked with the overall look. It’s definitely not something I would do everyday though.

No jewelry since men don’t tend to wear much jewelry, aside from watches (and the only watch I have is a dainty little thing that I had to get resized).

These shoes were a great deal during one of the Outnet’s sales. I snagged them for less than $100. They’re a wonderful shade of brown, and just utterly gorgeous.

In other news– cleaning and working on getting the rest of the outfits (Sunday’s & Monday’s) up.


Is It Charm, Is It Poise? No, It’s Hairspray! (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Top: TJ Maxx; Skirt: Small local/vintage store; Shoes: Blowfish

I’ve already experimented with my hair once twice during the 21 Day Challenge (here and here), so when I saw this I was like “oh noooo” because I felt like I’d run out of good ideas. Then I decided I was being utterly ridiculous (because I was) and I came up with the hairstyle I’m wearing above. In other news, this is also the third time I’ve worn my remix item (1 and 2). I admit, I want to squeeze it in a couple more times after this. (Excuse the bra showing, I fixed the straps after the pictures…)

Here are a couple details shots of the hairstyle I did.

Essentially it’s a half topsy-turvy. So instead of pulling the hair all the way though, you leave some coming out the top. (Hopefully that makes sense…) I’ll probably make a how-to video if it is still confusing.

I also chose to make it pigtails, because growing out an a-line means I have a lot of length in the front and pretty much none in the back. I had no idea growing it out would be this awful.

(Title from Hairspray, the musical)

Nine Lives Like A Kitty Cat (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Dress: Macy’s, $10!; Cardigan: Macy’s, $40; Shoes (old): Payless; Hat: Target, $15-20.

My inspiration came from this (really old) Sea of Shoes picture. I’m not one who considers wearing long items with other long items. I tend to pair my dresses with cardigans that hit at the waist, or above it. So I pinterested this because I liked the idea of a long cardi with a dress.

via Sea of Shoes

Obviously, I had a rather liberal interpretation. I would have tried to match colors too, but it wasn’t happening. I tried to keep a similar type of pastel-y feel to my interpretation. I really liked that this look had no jewelry (minus those bracelets, but I don’t really own any bracelets) but still looks so gorgeous.

In other news, these pictures are bad. Better pictures will be up tomorrow. I’m trying to get all the posts up that I missed while I was visiting my bestie for her birthday. I fully admit, I had to re-dress up in this to take the pictures and I am sooo exhausted right now.

(Title from Britney’s Spears’ catchiest song from her newest CD) 

I Wear My Sunglasses…All The Time (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Top: TJ Maxx; Jeans: Ross: Shoes: Blowfish; Glasses: Marc Jacobs / Sunglasses: Ebay

So you may be looking at the pictures above and saying to yourself: “hey, I don’t see any color in there? Where’s the COLOR?!” That’s all right. Sometimes it’s all in the details, people. Good things come to those who wait (unless winter is coming).

So check out the pop that I chose for this outfit:

That’s right, my nails. I know, I’m cool like that. Also, while I was taking pictures in the afternoon, I was delighted when a package arrived for me. New sunglasses! And of course, they went so well with my outfit that I had to wear them.

That’s right. Red heart shaped sunglasses! For only $3 (and free shipping) on ebay! I was delighted, since I’ve wanted a pair forever. I even decided to wear contacts because… well, some things are worth wearing contacts for.

In other news–you may be wondering where my Saturday Link-up is and why this post is so late. I’m actually visiting friends over the weekend and did not schedule posts (I know, I know) so tomorrow’s posts will likely be posted in the evening also. Monday’s posts are likely to be posted by mid-afternoon. As for my Saturday Link-up, I have been soooo behind that I have not caught up on any of my favorite blogs and thus had only 2 items for you guys to read. So I’ll just be scheduling it for next Saturday.

Secret Garden (21 Day Challenge)

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Atmosphere via Nostalgia; Blouse: Chi Chi via Nostalgia; Camisole: Unknown. Jeans: Per Se via TJ Maxx; Flats: Ross; Earrings: X-mas gift; Ring: Graduation gift; Clutch: Ross; Glasses: Marc Jacobs via Costco. 

To say I love this outfit? That would be an understatement.  When I looked into my closet this morning I had “I have nothing to wear!” syndrome. It’s something I haven’t been afflicted with recently, considering I bought a bunch of new clothes so it came as a shock. And then I told myself, “Don’t be ridiculous! You have plenty to wear!” and I pulled out this blouse and cardigan that I’ve only worn once or twice. I bought the two of them to go together towards the end of my senior of college. The majority of my college years were horrifying if you go by what I wore. It was pretty much: rain jacket, hoodie, shirt, jeans, Uggs. FOR TWO YEARS. (The first year I actually made an effort).

I love that I was able to take a day that could have been BLAH and made it BAM! Can I just give myself a pat on the back, y’all? I did not wear sweats today! I did not stay in my pajamas all day! I’ve actually worn outfits I could leave my house in (and posted them) for the past couple days!

This blouse contains everything I love. Ruffles, lace, florals. It’s a trifecta of amazing. The cardigan adds a completely different texture into the outfit with it’s fuzziness and beading. And the cute little clutch is just metallic enough to work with the whole look, I believe. I still hate my hair so I pulled it back into a clip.

As for what I did today? Well, when I woke up I remembered I was going to have lunch with friends (I’ve been doing that a lot lately, huh?). So I was delighted to step out of my house looking rather wonderful. I headed to the place we were to meet, got us a table, and started to wait. Then I started to have an inkling… something was niggling at the back of my brain. So I pulled out my phone to text them that I was waiting and…. I saw the day. My internal clock was a day off. To save face, I pretend to text back and forth for a bit while the waiters ran about then flagged one down and said my friends had texted me and rescheduled and I was very sorry for the inconvenience. Then I skidaddled out of there.

After that, I went to library and donated some books instead.