Buffalo Girls Won’t You Come Out Tonight? (30×30: Day 17)

Outfit Details:

Glasses: Prescription, Costco

Brown ruffled tee: Unknown (likely Ross)

Skirt: J. Crew

Tights: Delia’s

Shoes: Ross

This is the first J. Crew item I’ve ever owned. Even though I love J. Crew they are very costly and simply not affordable on my budget (Even if it were, I’d rather spend the money on a designer item I can find on sale). I managed to snag this skirt from Buffalo Exchange for $1. ONE DOLLAR! And I didn’t even have to dance by the light of the moon to do it.

As for today, I’m one of those people that does not look outside before they get dressed. Then I tend to step out the door and realize I’m not dressed properly for the weather. While this wasn’t too bad, I probably should have nixed the tights (but they went so nicely with the rest of my outfit!).

Love these tights! I only started collecting tights recently, and these ones are some of my favorites. They’re very comfortable. And again, I’ve got the red flats. These go so well with this skirt. I feel like I’ve made some really good choices for my 30×30, overall.

These red glasses were another perfect touch. I’m starting to think I’m just a teensy bit too fond of red. I admit I tried to add a red scarf but it was just too much red, and competed with the ruffles on the neckline of the shirt.

 I ended up with more pictures of my betta fish than of myself today. Whoops! I made a jaunt to Petsmart because I wanted to get him a bigger tank–he just didn’t have enough room to move in his original tank. I then decided to “spoil” him a little more and got him a new tank decoration. I then actually decided to cook my dinner–total shocker, there–and managed to make a passable spaghetti. I suppose there’s hope for me yet!

I don’t want to run over the rain, deer.


Have you ever had a day where you had your outfit planned, you dressed up in it, then you opened the door and the weather had thwarted you? Yeah, that was this day for me. I’d planned an adorable summer outfit, only to open the door to torrents upon torrents of rain. Hence the outfit. I wore a long sleeved blue top with a ruffle from Ross, Current Eliot jeans snagged from Beyond the Rack, and my older than old Ugg boots.


This little deer was trotting around the driveway in my apartment complex! I couldn’t resist snapping a few photographs of her. Although you can’t tell, she was actually very small, and I think she may have been a baby.

I sat in my car for five minutes just watching her because I didn’t want to startle her, and she was just so adorable! Eventually though, I had to move so she trotted ahead of me towards a patch of grass and then stayed there as  I drove off.