State the Obvious

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Ross; Top: Target; Slacks: Ross; Shoes: Macy’s.

So I’m pretty sure it’s obvious that this outfit was for an interview that I had yesterday. I mean, it’s obviously not casual.

However, it is kind of a boring conservative outfit, so I really don’t have much to say about it. However, I did get the job so I assume the outfit helped (at least a little bit).

Happy Valentine’s Day

 Outfit Details: Coat: via Ross; Dress (old): JCPenney’s; Tights: Express, X-mas gift; Shoes: via Goodwill; Necklace: X-mas gift; Earrings: X-mas gift.

Interestingly enough, this is only my first outfit of today. I’ll actually be wearing three different outfits on Valentine’s Day. Since I have to work later and then I’m going out to dinner with friends! Single girls unite!

I wore this to a job interview I had this morning. Goal: Be stylish and trendy, but professional. Also, I managed to brutally injure my heel in Bellingham so I needed to wear shoes that went up over it and didn’t hit my tender blistered spot.

These boots were at a Goodwill about a half hour away from me. I almost didn’t buy them, but I knew I’d regret it if I left them there. I’ve been looking for boots like this forever.

Better Late than Never

 Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Top: via local boutique, Nostalgia; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Shoes: Gucci, via Texas Gladrags.

When I went to bed last night, I fully planned on doing The ABC’s of Style “T is for Tomboy”. When I woke up late, that kind of put a damper on things. However, I figured I’d just get some stuff done in the morning, then get dressed and photograph my outfit later. Finally, at 6pm, I conceded defeat. The day had definitely beat me.

Hence why this outfit is not particular tomboy-ish at all. In fact, I photographed this on a Saturday/Sunday awhile ago and figured it would go up after the ABC’s of Style. Not the case!

This top is one of those that is strangely difficult for me to style. I typically wear it with the same cardigan, same jeans and just change up the footwear. However, this brown cardigan goes nicely with it! So I was able to switch it up!

In other news, when I went thrifting awhile back we went to Texas Gladrags which does designer resale. Most everything in the store was half off and it was like walking into designer paradise. I tried on every shoe in my size (or a half size up, or a half size down…) but these boots were the only thing I took home with me.

They’re probably the most comfortable shoes I own. Holy cow! I could wear these all day long and these suckers are heeled! Even better? I picked them up a very very cheap $67. Total.

As a warning: Monday’s outfit post is going to be late! I’m leaving for the weekend to visit some Bellingham friends. I’ve got posts scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, but I really want to participate in the ABC’s of Style on Monday again. But “Unexpected” does it give me too much to go off of.

P is for Pleats (and Plaid)

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Shirt: Romy; Cami: gift; Skirt: J. Crew, thrifted; Shoes: Madden Girl, gift.

I’ll probably talk about it again in March, since that is my first blogiversary, but I feel like I’m really starting to get it. And by it, I mean style blogging and finding myself and my style. The past two weeks (aside from H is for Headwraps) have found me really finding my style and wearing outfits I love. Instead of the odd one out being the outfits I love, now the outfits I don’t love are becoming far and few between. I’m liking where I’m going.

This skirt is one of my favorite thrifted pieces. I purchased it for $1. However, I almost never wear it. I just never knew how to style it. However, I like where I’m going with it. And can I just say I’m so happy I picked up this brown cardigan over X-mas? Seriously, it goes with so much of my wardrobe.

I’ve been wearing these Madden girl boots a lot lately, but I haven’t ever taken pictures of the outfits I’ve been wearing them with. They’re super comfortable, and while they make my legs look a bit stumpy I don’t care! I also think they keep this look from becoming too “school girl.”

As for the hair, I slept in braids on Saturday night to get some soft waves. I’m sick of my stick straight hair, and I really want to add a bit of softness to my outfits, so expect more curliness in the future.

B is for Bows

Outfit Details: Blazer: H&M; Top: White House, Black Market; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Franco Sarto; Headband: X-mas gift.


I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’ve decided to join up with the ABC’s of Style over at Fashion’s Greatest Hits (Here are the details of the challenge). Obviously I missed A is for Army, but hopefully I’ll be doing the rest of them. Or at least most of the rest of them.

I can’t decide how I feel about this outfit. I love the top half (headband, pussybow blouse, blazer) but I don’t know about the bottom half. Sadly, the skirt I’d normally wear with this top is too small right now. I’m wondering if there is just too much white?

 I decided to double bow it. I wanted to triple bow it, but the blue lining of the blazer meant I couldn’t add my pink bow pumps to the outfit. I get weird about using more than three colors in an outfit for some reason. This is likely why I don’t own a lot of prints.

The Pastoral Symphony

Outfit Details: Shirt: Wal-mart; Shorts: via Ross; Tights: Delia’s; Boots: via Ross; Earrings: via Hawaii

Have you ever seen Fantasia? My favorite scene as a kid was The Pastoral Symphony, with the pegasus(es?), unicorns, centaurs, and fauns. My outfit today reminds me of the fauns.


I’ll be honest, I really hate this outfit. I debated posting it on here, actually because I hated it so much and everything was wrong about it. I only wore it for an hour or so before I decided I would not be wearing it for the rest of the day. It just felt a little too costume-y.

I think my other problem is it makes me look short. The shorts come up a little too far, making me look short waisted on top. Then the boots/shorts combo makes me look short and I probably wouldn’t have attempted it if Clothed Much hadn’t suggested it for this week’s Rule Breaking Monday. The proportions of the whole outfit are just… off.

However, I do think that failure is a learning experience. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I don’t want to pretend that every outfit I wear is wonderful and turns out perfectly. This is simply not true. Oftentimes, I put together a total dud of an outfit. This is one such dud. I like each individual piece, but I just don’t think any of them go together (Least of all those tights, urgh).

I did like my attempted new hairstyle, though. If my hair was cleaner it probably would have turned out a bit better. Sadly, no clear shots of it.

So, let’s play a game. How can this outfit be fixed?

Pretty Woman

Outfit Details: Grey top: American Eagle; Scarf: Unknown; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Boots: via Ross.

Sometimes the best tips for dressing can be found from celebrities. Recently I ran across an article on College Fashion that showed a picture of Megan Fox. This was the picture that inspired this outfit.


Megan’s jeans reminded me of the the jeans I’m always wearing, and I knew these Ross boots were similar enough. A grey top and scarf were easy enough for me to copycat the look. I even decided I liked her top knot enough to copy that! The only difficulty I had was imitating the look of the scarf, but I think I managed well enough. I enjoyed taking Megan’s look and making it my own.

I ended up going out to dinner with friends in this outfit, then we all went back to my place and watched Stardust and Pretty Woman and I read their tarot cards and mine. We ended up having a wonderful time, and made plans to head to Seattle next Friday.


Outfit Details: Top: Walmart; Jeans: Gap; Boots: Franco Sarto; Earrings:

I kind of cringe that I bought this top at Wal-mart. Wal-mart is one of those places that just about everyone hates, and nobody likes to admit they shop(ped) there. However, my lack of long sleeved shirts drove me there when my mom informed me they were having a sale. For $3-$7, I managed to get a bunch of basic long sleeved shirts. Plus, with fall and winter? It’s kind of necessary to have those in your wardrobe. To be clear though, this is the first time I’ve stepped in Wal-mart in over a year or so. I really don’t go there frequently.

I do have to give them credit though, since they stocked Jungle’s Parasite Clear which cured my little betta fish! The Petco right next to them didn’t have it in stock, or any sort of parasite removal medication for fish.

In other news, My mother hated this outfit. Well she just said “iiinteresting” and then I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me she didn’t like the outfit. Looking at the pictures, I kind of see why she wasn’t too fond of it. I still rather like it though (plus I can wear socks with those boots).

These earrings are one of my favorites of my collection. They’re so tiny that they’re hard to get a good picture of, though!

It’s interesting but I went pink, black, pink, black in this outfit. I kind of like it. It’s stripe-y without being stripes.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

This outfit is very similar (minus shirt and jewelry) to a previous outfit I wore. I was going for a bit more nautical themed, but I don’t think I particularly managed it. I wish I’d switched the shoes to my new red heels.

In other news, 14 Shades of Grey recently had a post the other day that helps blog readers get to know the blogger a little better. Since I sometimes have issues working my life into my blog, I thought I’d do it too. So here it goes…

A – Age: 23.
B – Bed size:
C – Chore you hate:
Cooking. Yes, I consider cooking to be a chore.
D – Dogs:
Two! Though they aren’t really mine. Stevie (Nicks) and Webster make frequent appearances on here. 🙂
E – Essential start to your day:
Scones with raspberry jam! They’re sooo good!
F – Favorite color:
Blue. It’s always been my favorite. 🙂
G – Gold or silver:
Judging by my jewelry collection? Silver all the way!
H – Height:
5’1”. I was very excited in 8th grade when I finally managed to make it over 4 feet.
I – Instruments you play: In 6th grade I played the clarinet, and dropped it almost immediately after the year was finished. I hated it a lot.
J – Job title:
Virtual Assistant/Reading&Math Tutor (I’ve got 2 part-time jobs, right now).
K – Kids:
None. And as far as I can tell, there won’t be any in the future. I’ll reconsider when I’m 30. 😀

L – Live: Washington State. I like it, except for the rain. 
M – Mother’s name:
N – Nicknames:
Mostly I’m called Cort. I also have a specific friend that calls me Shortney.
O – Overnight hospital stays:
None. I avoid any place that has needles on hand like the plague.
P – Pet peeves:
bad spelling, people who drive slowly, people who don’t listen… this section could really be the whole post, but I’m going to stop here. 
Q – Quote from a movie:
 “Inconceivable!” I’m sure you can guess what this is from.

R – Right- or left-handed: Left-handed.
S – Siblings:
Two sisters. McKenzie and Christine.
T – Time you wake up:
Depends. I try to wake up 8am-9am. Sometimes I fail and don’t get out of bed until 10:30. I have two alarms and I’m contemplating the purchase of a third…
U – Underwear:
 Yes, I do own underwear. 
V – Vegetables I hate:
Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower. I’m sure I can come up with more.
W – What makes you run late:
Traffic. I really hate slow drivers.

X – X-Rays you’ve had: Just the ones on teeth that they have you get at the dentist.
Y – Yummy food that you make:
Mostly cookies. I like making cookies.
Z – Zoo animals:
I love most sea animals. 🙂 Fish, dolphins, otters. As for traditional zoo animals–Zebras. 🙂

Also update: My fish is doing a lot better. I think one of the medications I used on him worked. 🙂

What Have You Got To Prove?

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Joseph A., via Ross; Top: Jones New York, via Ross; Pants: Liz Claiborne, via Ross; Shoes: Franco Sarto

Have I mentioned my favorite color is blue? And I really like to shop at Ross?

In the course of my quest (the so-called “No Blue Skinny Jeans Week”), I pulled out this pair of navy pants for a job interview (for a very casual office). I love that they aren’t the traditional black, but dark enough to still be professional. I bought the top to go with the pants, and threw the cardigan over top because it was raining.

It’s always raining in Washington.

I fully admit I hate pointy toed shoes. This pair of ankle boots is as close as I can bring myself to get the dreaded pointy toed shoe. I just look at them and I can’t do it. At all. I know they’re supposed to elongate your leg and blah blah blah but they’re just… awful.

Maybe I just haven’t found one I like yet?