Dotting the Waves

Outfit Details: Polka Dot Top: Romy; White Tank: Unknown; Jeans: Romy; Shoes: Ross

You know how sometimes you’re shopping and then the sales associate is like “hey, this friday, we’re having an even better sale!” and you’re like “wait, really?” Of course, you show up and then purchase a couple things you had your eye on earlier (like these jeans and this top). At 70% off it was a sale I couldn’t resist, especially since it gave me the nautical-inspired outfit I have so desired ever since colored denim became popular. I know, I can’t believe it took me this long to snag a pair of navy jeans either.

I admit, I’m excited to throw this sheer polka dotted top over everything from now on.

Well Worn




Outfit Details: Shirt: Charter Club, via Macy’s; Pants: Romy; Sunglasses: Ebay; Shoes: Blowfish, gift.

So remember that lovely jean collection I cultivated before I dropped 20 lbs? Yeah. I can’t wear any of those now (well some of them work in a pinch, just not well). So when I walked past Romy’s 50%-75% off the entire store sale and saw colored denim hanging in the store? I could not resist!

I’ve wanted a red pair for quite some time, and these were perfect. Plus another pair of jeans! That fit! I’m still debating on going back for the cobalt blue pair.

I threw this together for my dentist appointment that involved (shudder) fillings. Thankfully they gave me a ton of laughing gas, so I wasn’t as traumatized as I could have been by the experience.  I utterly despise needles.


These flats are starting to look a little “well loved”. I’ve been switching between these and my red pair for the past month or so–so they’ve definitely been well worn (possible to death).

I’ve recently organized (again) and so I’ve thrown all my sunglasses into one bin. I’m enjoying matching them with the color schemes of my outfits lately.

Not Easy Being Green

Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21; Pants: Forever 21; Shoes: Missoni for Target; Necklace: Forever 21.

Man, I realized as I was typing up this post that the majority of this outfit came from Forever 21 (all purchased on different trips, too).

When I pulled this sweater out of my closet, I was feeling green. The green stripes just weren’t enough green, so I thought about pairing it with a green skirt I have. Then I saw the mint jeans that I love. Of course, I ended up choosing them.

These Missoni for Target flats have really come in handy with their plethora of colors. If I had been thinking about it though, I would have switched them out for my green leprechaun shoes.


Outfit Details: T-shirt: Target; Jeans: Forever 21; Necklaces: Forever 21 & unknown; Shoes: K-mart; Earrings: Gift.

While playing Truth or Dare with a friend of mine the other day, he dared me to stop shopping for 3 months. The last time I tried to ban myself from shopping… I failed miserably. So this is going to be incredibly difficult.  However, according to the (arbitrary) rules he made I am allowed $10/week to do with what I see fit. The next time I will be able to shop (fully) will be June 22 (I wince as I write that). However, it should give me ample time with my current wardrobe.

I ended up wearing this outfit to the grocery store. You know how when you’re banned from something it makes you want to do it more? So I went and bought groceries because it was like shopping. Can we say “issues”?

These gold sandals are going to be a staple in the summer! With the weather warming up (it was super sunny and warm today), I’m excited to start wearing them regularly.

As for the necklaces–I enjoyed layering. I could have added another one, but it just seemed like too many at that point! And, although you can’t see it, I was actually wearing gold eyeliner to tie it all together.



Outfit Details: Blazer: Ann Taylor, thrifted; Shirt: Target; Pants: Gap; Shoes: TJ Maxx

To my utter joy, I finally found the perfect white t-shirt at Target. I’ve been looking for a white t-shirt for ages, and when I saw they had a pile I tried on as many as I could find. This one was the clear winner.

Pairing it with this pink jacket made me think of my pink pants (which I haven’t worn in awhile), but obviously the pants are a little darker than the jacket. This was an opportunity for a gradient. So I put on red shoes and a light pink necklace and thus was pleased with the final outcome.

I feel like I’ve been wearing outfits that don’t have a great amount of bright color recently, so this is a nice change of pace.

This post is a little late mostly because my morning was filled with working out, and the weekend set me back immune-system-wise so I slept for 15 hours yesterday!

One Week

 Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21; Pants: Forever 21; Shoes: White House, Black Market.

This is my first outfit post in awhile (almost an entire week). I’ve been terribly busy and mostly wearing either yoga pants, a tank top, and a ponytail or my work uniform of black slacks and standard issue t-shirt. Obviously, these are not very photographable.

However, these minty jeans are my new closet favorite at this point. I think I’ve worn them at least 3-4 times in the past week. I throw them on to run errands and they’ve really become my go-to piece.

 I decided on black shoes to match the black sash. I would have loved to do yellow, but I don’t have a pair of yellow shoes, sadly.

This twist was my attempt at pretty hair. It’s not nearly as successful as my last attempt. I think I used a bit too much hair in the twist and didn’t leave enough down.

Small Children Fried My Brain

 Outfit Details: Cardigan: Forever 21; Shirt: Walmart; Jeans: Gap, B-day gift; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s.

I’m still getting back into the swing of things, so let’s just call me exhausted and be done with it.

In other news, I’m talking with my best friend while taking these pictures. Sometimes a girl has to to multitask! Considering, I was really late pictures and it was 4pm I didn’t want to the the chance that I’d miss out on outdoor pictures. I took indoor pictures for yesterday, but they just didn’t turn out, so I’ll have to reshoot that outfit…

I was hoping to start on my New Year’s Resolutions, and I had planned to wear a dress. Unfortunately, living in a super rainy (and windy) climate it just seemed like a bad idea today. Maybe tomorrow? (Isn’t that what everyone says for all NY’s resolutions?)

Pink, It’s My New Obsession

Pink, it's not even a question.

What? Who doesn’t love pink?

Outfit Details: Earrings: gift (similar); Cardigan: Jones New York (similar); Top: Cable and Gauge, via Macy’s (similar style, color); Jeans: gift (exact); Shoes: Shelly’s of London, via Modcloth (similar).

Ever since the 21 Day Challenge, especially the Day 9 Challenge I’ve absolutely loved monochromatic outfits.  It’s really been the start of a new obsession: dressing in all one color. When I snagged this $8 top from Macy’s, I hadn’t considered what I’d wear it with. However, once I’d paired it with these pink jeans there was simply no going back. I had to have everything pink.

Of course, the outfit is certainly a statement–but who doesn’t want to stand out from time to time?

I ended up loving the look so much I want to recreate it almost everyday. However, I’ll try to resist.


When I got dressed on Friday, this is what I started out with. It didn’t look right to me. It looked a little too… Western. Rodeo. Cowboy. When I saw my Mom she concurred. I immediately decided to change.

Outfit Details: Shirt: Walmart; Necklace: Modcloth; Jeans: Gap; Shoes (old): Macy’s.

I hoped that pairing it with neon pink pants would fix the Western-y vibe I kept getting. However, looking at the pictures I’m still not pleased. I actually think I liked the first combo better. I also tried this shirt/necklace combo with a pair of blue skinny jeans, which didn’t seem to look any better.

I like pants. I want to wear this with pants. But I am quite displeased with all the combinations I tried. Maybe next time I’ll find something that will suit it a bit better? Any ideas for a less “yeehaw!” vibe?

I’m pleased with the necklace/top combination. It took a bit to find a necklace that would work well with the shirt. I decided to match the shoes to the shirt. Originally I was going to wear heels, but I scrapped that when I scrapped the flared leg jean. These flats were a nice substitute, however.

How was everyone’s Halloween? Anyone go to any parties or haunted houses?


Outfit Details: Top: Walmart; Jeans: Gap; Boots: Franco Sarto; Earrings:

I kind of cringe that I bought this top at Wal-mart. Wal-mart is one of those places that just about everyone hates, and nobody likes to admit they shop(ped) there. However, my lack of long sleeved shirts drove me there when my mom informed me they were having a sale. For $3-$7, I managed to get a bunch of basic long sleeved shirts. Plus, with fall and winter? It’s kind of necessary to have those in your wardrobe. To be clear though, this is the first time I’ve stepped in Wal-mart in over a year or so. I really don’t go there frequently.

I do have to give them credit though, since they stocked Jungle’s Parasite Clear which cured my little betta fish! The Petco right next to them didn’t have it in stock, or any sort of parasite removal medication for fish.

In other news, My mother hated this outfit. Well she just said “iiinteresting” and then I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me she didn’t like the outfit. Looking at the pictures, I kind of see why she wasn’t too fond of it. I still rather like it though (plus I can wear socks with those boots).

These earrings are one of my favorites of my collection. They’re so tiny that they’re hard to get a good picture of, though!

It’s interesting but I went pink, black, pink, black in this outfit. I kind of like it. It’s stripe-y without being stripes.