Lake Chelan, WA

In the middle of August, my family and I went to Lake Chelan. Lake Chelan in summer is a tradition in my family, we go every year.  It’s always really nice to relax by the beach or the pool, and this year we even did a couple wine tastings. I’ve been meaning to post pictures from vacation for awhile, but was too busy to go through them until now.


Me and my sisters also went zip lining! It was a lot of fun, and totally worth the possible death/dismemberment.

Of course, we also did the common touristy Chelan things like wine tastings.



Most of my Chelan outfits were the same: a bikini and then a cover-up to walk down to the beach. I’m pretty sure I wore only ten of the thirty-odd items I ended up packing. However, this simple sundress was a lifesaver–I wore it multiple times in the week we were there.

Also, interesting thing about the lake? There are tons of dragonflies! For some reason they all seemed really attracted to me, I couldn’t be out on the water without at least one (usually two) landing on me.


Today is my Dad’s Birthday.

My Dad is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He’s a funny (makes puns/jokes all the time!) Type-A kind of guy. He’s strongly motivated, but he takes time to go for a walk in the mornings. He also loves cookies. And, he’s always given the best advice and wanted the best for me and my sisters. He’s truly the best Dad a girl could ask for. (To be clear, he’s also very stylish. My sisters, my mom, and I will often ask him what he thinks of our outfits. He knows what works and what doesn’t).

Happy Birthday Dad! 🙂


(Normal outfit posting resumes tomorrow)