It’s A Jungle Out There





Literature & Lace: Polkadot Jeans

Outfit Details: Tank: unknown; White Tee: Target; Cardigan: Atmosphere, via a little boutique; Polkadot Jeans: Ross; Shoes: Payless (kid’s section); Scarf: J.C. Penney.

I don’t have much to say about this outfit. Mostly because I built it around the fact that I really really wanted to wear these polka dot jeans. Who doesn’t love polka dots?

These sparkle flats from the kid’s section of Payless are another wardrobe staple along with the scarf. I’ve almost worn these flats out completely!



Winter Sunset




Outfit Details: Cardigan: Old Navy; Dress: Forever 21, gift; Tights: gift; Shoes: Payless (kid’s section).

This frilly little dress was given to me by a coworker. She was worried that I would be offended because the dress is a size large, but I told her I just wear what fits — no matter the size. When she gave it to me, I was delighted. It has a great pattern and I end up wearing it about once a week (no shame). It fits perfectly into my outfit rotation for work.

Also–I’ve been trying to teach boyfriend how to take good outfit pictures. He’s learning!






Outfit Details: Shirt: Target; Sports Bras: Victoria’s Secret; Jeans: Per Se; Shoes: Ross; Earrings: Yochi via; Hair Extensions: Hot Topic. 

Ever since college ended, I’ve kind of mourned the loss of fun colors in my hair. Now that I work I can’t really dye my hair pink or purple anymore, so when I saw these clip in extensions I had to try them. While they don’t blend particularly well, it was definitely fun to have crazy hair color again for a day.

So I haven’t been posting many of my casual outfits lately, mostly because when I do take outfit pictures it’s usually of the ones I’m wearing to work. This is a pretty good example of where my casual style has slid to recently–I’m obsessed with this tank top I found in Target’s clearance section before vacation. I wear it all the time (with everything)!


I’ve always wanted a second ear piercing, and recently I got one–thanks to my boyfriend, who did it for me! I actually didn’t even feel it because I was so busy panicking over it.





Outfit Details: Shirt: Cable & Gauge, via Macy’s; Cardigan: via Ross; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Steven Madden, via TJ Maxx.

Remember how none of my pants fit when I lost a bunch of weight and I had to buy new jeans? Well, it was the same way with any sort of professional pant. Since I already had to buy new black slacks, I headed to the Gap and finally tried on their slim cropped pant. I love cropped pants. I didn’t even have to hem these because they hit me at just the right length.

I ended up wearing this to my new Saturday office job. Then I went home and changed into shorts so I wouldn’t die from the heat as I strolled around town to snag myself some tasty peppermint ice cream.


Pollock Print

Outfit Details: Dress: thrifted; Belt: thrifted; Shoes: Ross

What, what? Dress posts twice in a row? I know, I’m just as surprised. However with the utterly gorgeous sunshine that has finally hit Washington state, I can’t bear to be in jeans.

As a bonus, I recently fell in love with this dress I thrifted over a year ago. I’ve worn it only once before, with a different belt. For awhile I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but when I put it this day something changed. I belted it, made the top slightly more blouse-y which had the added benefit of making the dress shorter and I went “Oh my god. I love it.”

It’s interesting how, for months, you can be ambivalent about a garment only to one day completely change your tune.


Outfit Details: Jacket: Old Navy; Button Down: Cotton Candy; Tank: Hand-me-down; Yoga Pants: Rue 21; Shoes: Blowfish.

When I visiting my parents at their workplace the other day, my mother saw this outfit. She said “I see you put in the bare minimum today.”  I chose to interpret this to mean that my outfit was practical. Admittedly, this outfit is centered around the fact that I desperately wanted to wear yoga pants. I never realized how comfy they were until a couple weeks ago. Now I’m obsessed! I snagged a bunch of yoga pants recently when I ran into a $5 yoga pants sale while checking out the local stores (also known as: the mall). I’m still trying to find acceptable ways to wear them out in public.

Dotting the Waves

Outfit Details: Polka Dot Top: Romy; White Tank: Unknown; Jeans: Romy; Shoes: Ross

You know how sometimes you’re shopping and then the sales associate is like “hey, this friday, we’re having an even better sale!” and you’re like “wait, really?” Of course, you show up and then purchase a couple things you had your eye on earlier (like these jeans and this top). At 70% off it was a sale I couldn’t resist, especially since it gave me the nautical-inspired outfit I have so desired ever since colored denim became popular. I know, I can’t believe it took me this long to snag a pair of navy jeans either.

I admit, I’m excited to throw this sheer polka dotted top over everything from now on.

Feeling Fall



Outfit Details: Dress: thrifted; Jacket: via Ross; Earrings: from Hawaii; Shoes: Report, via Macy’s; Knee Highs: via Modsock.

Even though it’s summer, the weather here screams fall. So after being unable to remember what pair of jeans I wore in my last blog post, I opened my tights drawer and found these knee-highs looking back at me. The coat got thrown over the whole thing, simply because rain could fall at any second here.

So, big news, I’m actually going back to school. I registered for classes last week, and I meet with my advisor tomorrow. Technically, I was supposed to wait to register, but I couldn’t–I like to plan ahead for everything. I’m doing a program for a medical assisting certificate, which should take me about a year. I’m actually really excited about the whole thing, even though it means more school. Although honestly, I’ve missed learning and classes over the past year.

 These earrings are one of the larger pairs I own–I walked into a small store in Hawaii (I think on Kawaii) and purchased several pairs including these. The sparkly flecks in them seemed to go well with the top of the dress, and evoked a little “Starry Nights” feeling for me!

Well Worn




Outfit Details: Shirt: Charter Club, via Macy’s; Pants: Romy; Sunglasses: Ebay; Shoes: Blowfish, gift.

So remember that lovely jean collection I cultivated before I dropped 20 lbs? Yeah. I can’t wear any of those now (well some of them work in a pinch, just not well). So when I walked past Romy’s 50%-75% off the entire store sale and saw colored denim hanging in the store? I could not resist!

I’ve wanted a red pair for quite some time, and these were perfect. Plus another pair of jeans! That fit! I’m still debating on going back for the cobalt blue pair.

I threw this together for my dentist appointment that involved (shudder) fillings. Thankfully they gave me a ton of laughing gas, so I wasn’t as traumatized as I could have been by the experience.  I utterly despise needles.


These flats are starting to look a little “well loved”. I’ve been switching between these and my red pair for the past month or so–so they’ve definitely been well worn (possible to death).

I’ve recently organized (again) and so I’ve thrown all my sunglasses into one bin. I’m enjoying matching them with the color schemes of my outfits lately.

Get into the Groove

Outfit Details: Green Tank: Romy; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors.

As you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter, I got my hair cut and highlighted last Friday. I haven’t got a haircut since last August, so this was seriously overdue. As a preemptive strike to prevent that from ever happening again, I’ve already scheduled my next hair appointment. Hopefully that will prevent me from putting it off again.

And can I just say that I’m in love with boyfriend jeans? After finally caving and accepting that nearly every single pair of jeans I own does not fit me, I went to the Gap to snag work pants (grabbed these and these) and a pair of jeans. To my surprise, I’ve gone down 3 sizes–so it’s no wonder none of my pants were fitting!

During that same shopping trip I went into Texas Gladrags, and snagged these adorable Michael by Michael Kors loafers for $29. Sometimes I get really lucky at secondhand stores–and even though the label on these read a size 5, they fit me perfectly!