No World Outside




Outfit Details: Mint Dress:, Cardigan: gift; Scarf: JCPenney; Tights: unknown; Heels: Jeffrey Campbell, borrowed.


Jeans have become a thing of the past, lately. I’ve switched to wearing skirts and dresses–since my workplace requires a business casual style. As much as I have resisted wearing skirts in the past–I’m starting to find I don’t mind it nearly as much as I used to.

And can I just say that I completely foresaw the “mint” trend? I bought this dress off Modcloth a couple years ago and then a year or so later I began to see mint colored items everywhere!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Outfit Details: Army Jacket: Old Navy; Dress: Darling UK, via Saisons Boutique; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

For me, I have clothes that I love because they fit, look flattering, and are functional. And then I have clothes that I love. Clothes that I saw and they spoke to some part of my soul. However, the clothes that I love tend to be more impractical–I often won’t be able to wear them as much as my other clothes, even though they are my most cherished clothing items.

This dress and these shoes are two of my very favorites (although the dress has proved very versatile!). The jacket I hunted for over six months, before spying it in an article on College Fashion. It actually kind of surprised me that I hadn’t put these pieces together before now!

I wore this to the office and got several compliments on my shoes from self-identified fellow shoe addicts. Surprisingly, I ended up wearing these shoes for over 7 hours and they were fairly comfortable throughout that time.


Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Dress: Target; Earrings: gift; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s

 So around March, I gave up on my white cardigan. It was a goner–old, pilling, kind of dingy and it may have slightly shrunk in the wash. I began passively searching for a new one–too lazy to actively look, I decided if I ran across one that worked for me I’d purchase it. Anyway, at Target before I went on vacation, I snagged this white one. I prefer the slightly larger fit on this one, so it turned out nicely. Also, haven’t I remixed this dress enough now?


As this was before I redyed my hair, you can really see how vacation lightened it up!



Skirting The Issue

Outfit Details: Top:; Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, borrowed; Jewelry: gift.

Recently I had a couple glasses of wine and did some online shopping. Of the items I ordered, this top is the only item I kept. Thankfully it makes a wonderful shirt to contribute to the more professional side of my closet. Working at my second job is allowing me to get more creative with my outfits since there isn’t really a dress code other than “no jeans”.


These shoes are one of my favorite pairs (and are a size too big!) that I borrowed from my Mom. I chose to play up the pearl/crochet detailing of the top by added a pearl necklace and earrings. It seemed like an easy way to enhance the neckline of the top without overpowering it.

Newly Minted

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s.

Can I just say I now see why other bloggers always wear dresses? They’re so easy. Just throw it on, and voila! instant polish. Plus, I totally forgot about this dress! I bought it a year-ish ago and I’ve worn it only a couple times. Mint is very in right now, but it seems I’ve always had a fondness for that color (I’m waiting ’till fall to whip out this awesome velvet dress that I’ve owned for years now that velvet is back in).

In other news–I’ve had this post sitting on my desktop for over a week. Remember how I posted about my spotty internet connection? It got way worse. It got to the point where boyfriend and I were lucky to be able to connect to the internet for more than 15 minutes a day. This made it absolutely impossible to actually get anything up. We had to get Comcast to come out and fix things up, and last night we finally got the internet back. Of course, I immediately went and got these pictures up. I’m really hoping that this will be the last of my internet connectivity issues.

I’m always gravitating to these nude pumps now. It’s nice to have such a comfortable neutral pair of heels. When I wear them to the office I never have to worry about switching them out for the flats I carry in my purse…

Shades of Neutrals

Outfit Details: Dress: Calvin Klein, via TJ Maxx; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s.

Wore this to my second day of training at my office job. I almost never have a good opportunity to whip out this pretty dress, but I love when I get to wear it! Unfortunately, after 6 hours it is a bit wrinkled.

These nude pumps? Obsessed. In April, Macy’s got a boatload of nude pumps in so I tried on every single pair. I’ve been hunting for nude pumps since December and these were perfect and comfortable. And I didn’t buy them. In fact, I was on my shopping ban.

So June rolls around, and I go in Macy’s to buy a wedding gift for a friend… and I just so happen to spot the shoe section I’m still pretending it wasn’t deliberate. The nude pumps I fell in love with in April? On sale. 10% off. As a bonus, they are also the last pair in the store  (also known as the display pair) and so Macy’s gave me another 15% off. So I got 25% off for shoes I was planning to purchase anyway! And they go with everything.

Flower Child

Outfit Details: Floral Top: via small local boutique; Tank Top: Old Navy; Jeans: Se7ens, via; Shoes (old): Steve Madden; Necklace: gift.

This outfit didn’t turn out exactly how I had hoped. I really wanted to add a jacket or blazer but these high waisted jeans made it difficult and nothing seemed to be working. I’ll probably try again in a week or two.

Sadly, the actual amount of jeans I have that fit is very small. I’ve so far deluded myself into believing that my jeans that are size too big are just “boyfriend jeans.” I do have two or three pairs that actually fit. This particular pair finally got hemmed and fit perfectly now! Sorry for the wrinkles, but I’m terrible about not wrinkling clothing.

This floral blouse is gorgeous, even though it does tend to make me look heavier than I am. I love it enough that I ignore that though. I’m actually delighted that I tried layering it over a bright tank top, since I tend to layer it with the same camisole over and over. I fully plan to work this into my wardrobe more often.

I’m starting to try and make an effort to involve jewelry in my outfit posts. Here’s hoping this necklace is the start of a trend! Also–I’m hoping this will help me hunt down some of my missing pieces of jewelry.

Also–I realize this is a super late Wednesday post, but better late than never!

Automatic Systematic

Outfit Details: Necklace: gift; Dress: J.Crew, thrifted (borrowed); Cardigan: J.Crew, gift; Belt: TJ Maxx; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (borrowed).

Strangely enough, the only item I actually purchased was the belt. Kind of funny when you put an outfit together of only borrowed or gifted items.

This is another dress that I borrowed during my (partial) closet swap with a friend of mine. It’s not something i would normally attempt to wear (drop waisted) but when I put it on, I actually liked it. So I decided to try to make it work.

I tried out a hair tutorial I saw on youtube, and definitely feel it was a success. This is only the first day of wear, but I found I liked the second a little better since the hair had relaxed a bit more.

Walk A Fragile Line

Outfit Details: Shirt: thrifted (borrowed); Corset/skirt: handmade (borrowed); Shoes: Buffalo Exchange; Necklace: Forever 21.

Remember earlier this month when I mentioned a friend of mine wanted to expand her photography skills? She’d mostly photographed nature before, so she wanted to get some shots of people. Obviously, I volunteered!

My friend is very big on sewing, so I ended up wearing things she had made–this gorgeous corset being one of them. Admittedly, after I took it off I remembered how nice breathing is, but it definitely defined my waist in a great way.

I’ll be honest and say that there was pretty much no way I could have worn this for a whole day–but I did wear it for several hours.

I’m also trying to post any photos/outfits that have my old hair in them–since I dyed my hair on Monday.

Bonus: You can see how much I paid for my shoes.

Chase The Morning

Outfit Details: Cardigan: August Silk; Top: White House, Black Market; Skirt: White House, Black Market; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

Normally, I wouldn’t post this outfit so closely to the other one that featured these shoes. However–I’ve been struggling with my work outfits. I’ve actually taken pictures of multiple outfits I’ve worn to work. And I’ve refused to post them. The sad truth is: my work outfits are just not blog worthy.

I ended up wearing this to meeting a work (I was only there for a half hour), and then running some errands. Have I mentioned that I love these shoes? Apparently, most other girls do too! I got five different people complimenting my shoes (and from all age ranges too). Compliments always cheer me up.

In other news: I look grumpy in these pictures because I’m thinking about shopping. I’m only 2 weeks in to my 13 week shopping ban.

The last time I posted these beauties, another blogger asked for detail shots. 🙂 So here they are! I love all the buckles and laces on this shoe, but I certainly am glad for the zipper up the back!

Title borrowed from this song off Repo! The Genetic Opera.