Outfit Details: Jacket: Northface, gift; Scarf: J.C.Penny; Rainboots: Rocketdog, gift; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross.

A Northface jacket is kind of a requirement for living in Washington State. It’s freezing, it’s always raining, and sometimes style comes second to comfort. Luckily, my cozy Northface comes with a cute polka dot print that works well with the only pair of rain boots I have.

Also–I’m obsessed with this scarf. I bought it before Christmas, wear it almost constantly, and I’m not sick of it yet!

Feeling Fall



Outfit Details: Dress: thrifted; Jacket: via Ross; Earrings: from Hawaii; Shoes: Report, via Macy’s; Knee Highs: via Modsock.

Even though it’s summer, the weather here screams fall. So after being unable to remember what pair of jeans I wore in my last blog post, I opened my tights drawer and found these knee-highs looking back at me. The coat got thrown over the whole thing, simply because rain could fall at any second here.

So, big news, I’m actually going back to school. I registered for classes last week, and I meet with my advisor tomorrow. Technically, I was supposed to wait to register, but I couldn’t–I like to plan ahead for everything. I’m doing a program for a medical assisting certificate, which should take me about a year. I’m actually really excited about the whole thing, even though it means more school. Although honestly, I’ve missed learning and classes over the past year.

 These earrings are one of the larger pairs I own–I walked into a small store in Hawaii (I think on Kawaii) and purchased several pairs including these. The sparkly flecks in them seemed to go well with the top of the dress, and evoked a little “Starry Nights” feeling for me!


Outfit Details: Jean Jacket: Se7en; Floral Tank: Romy; White Tank: American Eagle; Jeans: Ross; Shoes: Ross.

I attempted a new location for outfit photos, and unfortunately it wasn’t as successful as I was hoping for. Work scheduled a meeting a couple weeks ago, and I got there a bit early so I had some time to kill. Outfit photos in a wooded area seemed like a good use of my time–but they just didn’t turn out how I wanted.

This jean jacket has pretty much become my summer uniform. I’ve managed to throw it over most every outfit. I bought it in 7th grade, and it’s still stylish enough that I can get wear out of it!

I’ve started curling my hair more often, when I have the time. I think a nice hairstyle can really help an outfit. Even though this is a more casual outfit, those curls put a spring in my step and give me some extra confidence (like wearing high heels!).


Outfit Details: Jacket: Forever 21 (borrowed); Tank: American Eagle; Tee: Target; Jeans: Current/Eliott, via; Shoes: Blowfish.

So I almost wore a dress today, but it was just a little too windy (evidence? my grouchy face in these pictures). And I almost wore a different jacket, but since I was going out with a friend she offered me this one which I’ve coveted for awhile. I always have issues finding things in Forever 21, but somehow she always comes across some really great finds.

We went thrifting (during which I tried not to be tempted while I was surrounded by clothing), and she bought a couple things she plays to alter/do some DIY stuff too.

In other news, I dyed my hair after I took these pictures! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

In Daylights, In Sunsets, In Midnights, In Cups of Coffee

Outfit Details: Jacket (old): Lucky; Striped Top: Hang Ten, borrowed; Cami (old): Gap; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Shoes: Blowfish, gift.

One of my friends lives right up the road from me. We tend to hang out a ton, and always talk about eventually living together. We’ve suggested that we could live in one room and the other room could be a gigantic closet. Or we could just use the living room as a gigantic closet. So recently I was like “hey, why don’t we swap clothes?” and so we went and dug through each other’s closets and borrowed pieces.

Now that I haven’t been shopping (see: shopping ban of doom), I’ve had to get creative! I get to shop her closet, and she got to shop mine. This orange top was just one piece I borrowed–the back of it is amazing!

The zipper up the back has got to be the coolest part of this shirt. I left it unzipped so the cami could peek out. I love the look of mint (okay, the cami might be more pastel blue) and orange together.

Title taken from this song from RENT

Miu Miu’s, Leather & Lace

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Jacket (old): Gap; Socks: Tabbisock, via Modsock; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

I purchased this dress off Modcloth over a year ago on sale. I was so excited to get it, only to find it ran super small. I couldn’t fit into it. There was just no way it was going to work for me. I couldn’t give up on it though, so it hung in my closet for about a year until a couple weeks ago when I decided to try it on.

Lo and Behold: It fit.

It’s a little sweet, so I added the old leather jacket I got in 7th grade and the Miu Miu’s I snagged off Ebay a little while back. The knee high socks were because it was a little chilly.

I love these shoes. That is all.


Outfit Details: Jacket (old): Lucky Brand; Dress: Target; Socks: Forever 21; Flats: Ross.

For the weekend I fully meant to schedule posts but unfortunately it ended up not happening. I ended up visiting Bellingham, and ended up running very behind when I ran into I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome (As an aside, I still can’t believe this happens to me. Ever). So hopefully St. Patty’s Day went well for everyone! Everything should settle down now, so I should be back to regular postings soon enough.

This is what I wore on the ride back from Bellingham. This dress is comfy and striped and I’ve been wanting to pair it with this jacket forever. I planned to add my red heels to this, but I had to walk up and down a couple flights of cobble-stone-y stairs so I switched it for flats. Safety over fashion, in this case.

Also: always wear shorts under your dresses and skirts! My friend warned me that some guy checked me out as I was climbing the three flights of stairs.

 I’m working my way through my jackets one by one. This denim jacket I’ve owned since high school. I tend to think it looks best when paired with dresses or skirts because a denim jacket with jeans is a bit too much denim for my tastes.

Never Going Back To Easy

 Outfit Details: Jacket: Old Navy; Tank: American Eagle; Skirt: BCX; Shoes: Missoni for Target; Necklace: Forever 21

I imagined this working a lot better than it actually did. For some reason I kept having ideas of pairing this skirt with this jacket. I think I went wrong with the orange. I wanted a bright color so that the outfit wouldn’t seem to dark and depressing–but I think yellow would have been a better choice.

However: I feel like my New Year’s Resolutions are going quite well. I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts with regularity for the past week. I’ve just started to gravitate towards them for some reason. And, I’ve already visited the Seattle Aquarium!

I tied in the orange tank top by adding these Missoni for Target flats. They’re super comfy, especially since I almost never feel like wearing heels.

I doubled up on this long double stranded leaf necklace. I like how it turned out! It really looks like I’ve got a lot more jewelry on than I do.


Outfit Details: Hat: via TJ Maxx; Earrings: Yochi, via; Jacket: Old Navy; Shirt: via Walmart; Jeans: Fragile via  TJ Maxx; Boots: Madden Girl, X-mas gift.

Over the month of december, I snagged a couple items here and there. This military-esque jacket was one such deal. I’ve been looking for a great one all year, and ended up getting it for around $15. It was really pure luck–I saw it after College Fashion linked to it.

This hat was another easy snag. While shopping with my mom, I tried on a couple hats here and there. In addition to being utterly adorable–this one was yellow. How could I have passed it up?

 These boots are probably one of my favorite X-mas presents. When I went to Macy’s after getting a couple giftcards, I made a bee-line for these boots which I’d been eyeing all winter. Of course, they didn’t have them in my size. In addition, there was no way to order them. So I took a phone picture and when I got home googled around like crazy to find them. I then asked for them for X-mas. I’m so happy to finally have them in my grasp!