No World Outside




Outfit Details: Mint Dress:, Cardigan: gift; Scarf: JCPenney; Tights: unknown; Heels: Jeffrey Campbell, borrowed.


Jeans have become a thing of the past, lately. I’ve switched to wearing skirts and dresses–since my workplace requires a business casual style. As much as I have resisted wearing skirts in the past–I’m starting to find I don’t mind it nearly as much as I used to.

And can I just say that I completely foresaw the “mint” trend? I bought this dress off Modcloth a couple years ago and then a year or so later I began to see mint colored items everywhere!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Outfit Details: Army Jacket: Old Navy; Dress: Darling UK, via Saisons Boutique; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

For me, I have clothes that I love because they fit, look flattering, and are functional. And then I have clothes that I love. Clothes that I saw and they spoke to some part of my soul. However, the clothes that I love tend to be more impractical–I often won’t be able to wear them as much as my other clothes, even though they are my most cherished clothing items.

This dress and these shoes are two of my very favorites (although the dress has proved very versatile!). The jacket I hunted for over six months, before spying it in an article on College Fashion. It actually kind of surprised me that I hadn’t put these pieces together before now!

I wore this to the office and got several compliments on my shoes from self-identified fellow shoe addicts. Surprisingly, I ended up wearing these shoes for over 7 hours and they were fairly comfortable throughout that time.

Just What I Needed

Outfit Details: Lace Vest: Macy’s; White Tunic: Macy’s; Jeans: Target; Shoes: Blowfish

So I wore this out shopping with my friend last Friday, and I’m just now getting around to posting it! Whoops! I’ve kind of dropped the ball, I know. I might change my posting schedule a bit to be more consistent and just post MWFS, because in addition to picking up more shifts at work, I’ve also started dating again. How do other single bloggers keep up with everything?! I just feel completely overwhelmed!

I’ve started trying to haul out the items I don’t wear as often, because I really should wear them more. This vest being one such item, and the tunic being another. Also, this vest is gorgeous.

Miu Miu’s, Leather & Lace

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Jacket (old): Gap; Socks: Tabbisock, via Modsock; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

I purchased this dress off Modcloth over a year ago on sale. I was so excited to get it, only to find it ran super small. I couldn’t fit into it. There was just no way it was going to work for me. I couldn’t give up on it though, so it hung in my closet for about a year until a couple weeks ago when I decided to try it on.

Lo and Behold: It fit.

It’s a little sweet, so I added the old leather jacket I got in 7th grade and the Miu Miu’s I snagged off Ebay a little while back. The knee high socks were because it was a little chilly.

I love these shoes. That is all.

Just Like Jam & Bread

Outfit Details: Dress: Darling UK, via Saisons Boutique; Leather Jacket: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, via Ebay; Shoes: Madden Girl, gift.

I’ve envisioned this outfit for quite awhile. When I bought the dress, I pictured it with this jacket (Also, new goal: wear this jacket way more frequently). The only thing I didn’t picture? The shoes. Kind of a problem, that. I’ll admit, I’m not pleased with the pairing of the boot. I like it in theory, just not in practice.  

Admittedly, part of the reason the boot was chosen was because it is close toed, and my toes were in dire need of a new coat of nail polish.

Also, I saw The Hunger Games over the weekend! I was so excited to be in the theater watching Katniss, Peeta, and my favorite character: Rue. I thought they did a very nice job with the movie and I can’t wait for the next movie to come out.


Outfit Details: Dress: Darling UK, via Saisons Boutique; Socks: Tabbi Socks, via ModSock Boutique; Shoes: Stolen from Mom.

While I was in Bellingham, I finally went to the store a friend of mine raved about. It was store full of socks. Just socks. They had knee highs, over the knees, ankle socks… You could get socks with unicorns, gnomes, fish, cats, words (I was partial to the “bookworm” socks), or just stripes.

I ended up finding these maroon/wine over-the-knee socks there. I’ve always had the hardest time finding over-the-knee socks in stores, so to find a gigantic selection was kind of overwhelming. I only ended up buying this pair for now, though I plan to make a trip back to the store.

 This lace dress is a major wardrobe staple of mine. I’m pretty sure it goes with everything I own. I’ve actually written down over 20 outfits involving this dress. Now, I’ve just got to start putting them into play.

G is for Glam

Outfit Details: Dress: Darling, via Les Saisons Boutique; Tights: Delia’s; Shoes: Borrowed from mom; Earrings: Charter Club; Headband: Gift.

Freckles in AprilIMG_4680-1

I’ve been considering something like this for awhile now. This dress is one of my favorite pieces in my closet and I’ve thought of at least a dozen ways to wear it. This is only one of them.

When I ran across the Winter Challenge (I’m always a day late, aren’t I?), I saw they were doing monotone today. Which is my favorite. I love monotone outfits. I usually always pick something obscenely bright (see red and pink). However, the ABCs of style was doing Glam and Glitter. So I toned myself down with this cream ensemble (though admittedly, the tights are a bit white for it).

I actually attempted three hairstyles before I settled on this one. The others were a beehive and a side bun, and they just would not turn out. Finally I just threw up my hands and did this. I also attempted a glam makeup look with a dark lipstick and cat eyes.

I actually had a different pair of earrings I planned on wearing, but I could not find them for the life of me! These ones also have a bit of sparkle to them, though.

Living My Nakesake

Outfit Details: Dress: Darling; via Les Saisons Boutique; Sweater Leggings: X-mas gift; Boot socks: X-mas gift; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s.

Sometimes the right outfit puts you in the right mood. This dress always cheers me up. It makes me want to frolic through fields and woods like a woodland nymph. In addition, it lives up to the name of my blog. Ironically, I don’t actually own as much lace as I thought I did even though I love lace more than anything. I just hate itchy clothes.

In addition, I’m almost positive this is my most inspiring garment in my wardrobe. Ever since I bought this dress in early December I thought about the different ways I could wear it. With this cardigan or that jacket–versatility, thy name is this lace dress! However, I never actually put it into practice. I’m starting now, though.

 Don’t you love the lace? So pretty!

Anyway, I wore this on a date. I know. Dating. I think I hate dating. I like getting out and meeting new people, but I just feel so incredibly awkward doing the whole thing. I’ve gone on this whole organic kick–you know, “things need to just… happen! They need to develop organically.”

I never understand my friends saying stuff like that before, and now I’m going to say: I’m so sorry. You are so right. I totally understand now!

I got a pair of knee high socks for X-mas. I actually layered them over my sweater tights and I really liked the end effect. It actually looks pretty seamless, even though the sweater tights are grey and my socks are brown/cream.

Winter Is Coming

Outfit Details: Long-Sleeve Top: Walmart; Lacy Vest: Rampage, via Macys; Skinny Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Grey Boots: Steve Madden, via Better than New.

I have accepted it: Winter is coming. I’ve stacked extra blankets (and comforters) on my bed. I bought my fish tanks another heater. I wear socks constantly. And, I’ve pulled my boots out from the back of my closet.

I admit it. I hate winter. I hate snow, I hate rain. I really really hate being cold. A stylish winter is going to be difficult for me. However, I am determined.

After deciding to not freeze, I choose a long sleeve top. I’ve never worn this lacy vest from Macy’s, but when I rediscovered it a week ago I knew I needed to haul it out ASAP while I still could.

Of course, the boots went well with what I’d already put together. I’ve only worn them once before, which is no surprise because I bought them in late spring. I’m still breaking them in.

I ended up going to the mall with my Mom today because she wanted to go clothes shopping. I ended up walking out of Macy’s with two tops from the clearance rack (top 1: $3.46; top 2: $8.68). And yes, one top has stripes.