Nothing Figured Out

Outfit Details: Jacket: JPG for Target, via Ebay; Shirt: Target; Jeans: Ross; Boots: Bandolino, via Macy’s.

So it seems my summer inspiration post was a little premature. Right after I posted it, we go back to the rainy dreary weather that Washington is known for. I’m hoping for another sunny day soon, since I really want to go kayaking.

Though I was excited to wear this jacket out and about. I’ve made it my goal to work this into my wardrobe more often. Especially since I’ve given up my strange fear of getting it wet (don’t ask).

In other news, I wore this out to lunch. My friend, Erin, suggested this place called Hop Jacks that has amazing drinks that are actually made in ice (as seen here). We plan to go back again later this week (or next week).

Afterwards, I ended up crashing since I woke up at 4 to get to work. Coffee almost has no effect on me anymore!

Haven’t worn these boots in awhile, but i enjoyed pulling them out again. They’re like the equivalent of chocolate cake, the best kind of comfort food only in stylish shoe form.

Miu Miu’s, Leather & Lace

Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth; Jacket (old): Gap; Socks: Tabbisock, via Modsock; Shoes: Miu Miu, via Ebay.

I purchased this dress off Modcloth over a year ago on sale. I was so excited to get it, only to find it ran super small. I couldn’t fit into it. There was just no way it was going to work for me. I couldn’t give up on it though, so it hung in my closet for about a year until a couple weeks ago when I decided to try it on.

Lo and Behold: It fit.

It’s a little sweet, so I added the old leather jacket I got in 7th grade and the Miu Miu’s I snagged off Ebay a little while back. The knee high socks were because it was a little chilly.

I love these shoes. That is all.

Just Like Jam & Bread

Outfit Details: Dress: Darling UK, via Saisons Boutique; Leather Jacket: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, via Ebay; Shoes: Madden Girl, gift.

I’ve envisioned this outfit for quite awhile. When I bought the dress, I pictured it with this jacket (Also, new goal: wear this jacket way more frequently). The only thing I didn’t picture? The shoes. Kind of a problem, that. I’ll admit, I’m not pleased with the pairing of the boot. I like it in theory, just not in practice.  

Admittedly, part of the reason the boot was chosen was because it is close toed, and my toes were in dire need of a new coat of nail polish.

Also, I saw The Hunger Games over the weekend! I was so excited to be in the theater watching Katniss, Peeta, and my favorite character: Rue. I thought they did a very nice job with the movie and I can’t wait for the next movie to come out.

R is for Romantic

Outfit Details: Dress: thrifted; Jacket: thrifted; Boots: Steve Madden, via


Over the weekend, I went thrifting. This cute little dress is just one of the pieces I managed to pick up. I originally wanted to pair it with a pink blazer, but once I put it on it just didn’t look right. Since today’s prompt requested a red/pink pairing, I was instantly worried I’d have to change my whole look–and I’d already gotten the boots on.

Luckily, I had this pastel pink leather jacket laying around! And while the outfit is slightly more “tough girl” than “romantic” I am wearing pink and red in the same outfit–so it counts, right?

These boots aren’t worn very frequently, but I love to take them out occasionally. I call them my “Pretty Woman” boots, after the movie. They’re stunning, but I really can’t fit anything between skin and boot, no matter how much I might want to (maybe tights, if I’m lucky).

Vegas Baby

Outfit Details: Top: gift; scarf: unknown; Jacket: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target, via Ebay; Jeans: via TJ Maxx; Shoes: via Ross

I had trouble deciding on the inflection I wanted to use for this post title. Did I want it to say “Vegas, Baby” or “Vegas, Baby!” or “Vegas Baby!” or “Vegas Baby”. Punctuation is important, but in the end I decided I liked “Vegas Baby” the best, simply because I found it the most amusing.

In other news, my parents went to Las Vegas for a conference (not a euphemism) and brought me back this tee shirt. The red in it immediately made me think of this jacket and thus an outfit was born.

I bought the scarf in Canada when I was sixteen. I have no clue where. I kind of love the fringe.

In other news, my darling little sister told my mother that she is no longer allowed to buy clothes for me. Apparently Christine hates some of the items I wear on here (specifically, this outfit). Yes, Christine, I realize it looks heinously old for a 23 year old but it was for a job interview (and I keep getting told at interviews that they’re “looking for someone older”)!