Link Round-up

 Manicure: Sinful Colors’ Timbleberry and OPI’s Silver Shatter. 

Some of these were meant for last week, but I didn’t get last week’s Round-up posted, so I just rolled them over to this week. So here we go…

This messy wavy ponytail tutorial is adorable!

There’s so many ways to upcycle vintage rhinestone earrings. Here are 10 of them.

Want to improve your outfit photos? Here are some tips.

I absolutely love crepes, so this Dark Chocolate Crepe is one thing I’ll be making once my diet is over!

DIY Dress Sleeve Transformation. Seriously love the mint color of this dress.

Want to poof a ponytail? Here’s how to do it without teasing or hairspray!

This super cute heart tote bag is definitely something I plan to make on a rainy day.

For any students out there: how to find textbooks online for free.

How to wear skinny jeans for your body type. For any of you who haven’t embraced them yet.

A quick and easy dinner: Clam Chowder Bread Bowls. Yummy!

The doughnut bun. Because it’s that awesome!

A perfect makeup look for spring? This soft rosy pink & taupe makeup tutorial is so pretty!

Romance novels are feminist documents.”

If you’re feeling uninspired and just want to pull out your summer clothing, What I Wore had a great Winter Remix Challenge! Check out these picture to get some new ideas (via).

Animal lover? Here’s cats as fonts and some awesome photographs of playing catch with dogs underwater (via).

Love J. Crew but not their prices? Here’s a great J. Crew style belt DIY.

Fictional Fashion Icon: Alex from Flashdance. There are some really interesting tidbits in here!

Ahh New York Fashion Week, here are the 35 prettiest pictures.

Chocolate Souffle, I will definitely be eating you on my next day off. Don’t they look delicious?

This pretty little hairstyle is perfect for those with already curly hair: the Braided Side Bun.

And lastly, and most importantly, one of my favorite bloggers did an interview with George. R. R. Martin, the writer of Game of Thrones (etc.). Seriously read it! So exciting!

Sunday Manicure & Link Round-up

 This is what I call my “Frankenstein manicure”. I went through a green phase for a month or so and most of the manicure pictures I’ve taken involve green nail polish of some kind.

As for a link round up? I haven’t done one of this in awhile, so this one is pretty crazy long…

My obsession with lace strikes again! So how about a super cute lace heart sweater DIY?

Lace not your thing (gasp)? How about DIY floral boots? That sounds like fun (and it looks so pretty)!

Or if you’re into pearls. This DIY pearl encrusted v-neck is stunning. Of course, it’s a slightly more complicated DIY.

Ever heard about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl? I remembered discussing this at some point in college, then promptly forgot about it. Thanks NPR for reminding me!

To help you with your blog: PSS has done a follow-up to her “Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging.” Check it out here. Also, here are some great ways stunning outdoor photos.

Okay, lets get back to DIY now. Because who doesn’t want to DIY everything?

Maybe you want a Peter Pan collar necklace? Or how about elbow patches on a sweater or long sleeve shirt you own?

And you know you want a DIY geometric necklace. And you’ll need some earrings to go with it, so these cute DIY button studs should do the trick. And to round out your look, you’ll need some DIY button statement rings! (Okay, you might not want to wear all of them together…)

If you read nothing else in here, READ THIS. A seriously fascinating interview that Gala Darling did with a 22 year old escort. I really hope there’s a second interview, because I was totally glued to my screen while reading this.

The evolution of the shoe… okay, not really. But this look at shoes from the past is pretty cool.

I love anything equestrian, so here’s some ways to work equestrian style into your outfits.

Okay, now let’s talk about food. If you love cupcakes… here’s how to do mermaid tails for your cupcakes!

If you eat salads for lunch, or you know, whenever, have you ever tried making your own salad dressing? Here are three different ones!

Hankering for chocolate? These easiest ever brownies are just for you!

These oatmeal smoothies would make a great breakfast.

Though this is my favorite foodie thing I’ve found recently, and just in time for Valentine’s Day: Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (You can’t tell me your mouth didn’t start salivating upon hearing that).

Also–oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is Tuesday. Why not check out these strange Valentine’s Day gifts? Or maybe some perfumes? Oh, and here’s a beauty guide. Yup, I got you covered.

Also, as a glasses wearing girl, I really appreciated this video from the Beauty Department: Makeup for Glasses.

I love how Meagan of Love Meagan dealt with some haters she ran across: she used it to write a blog post!

Tips on how to try out the backward cardigan trend. I don’t know if I’ll be trying this, but I’m going to say “never” either.

I’d love to try this at my next place. It seems like such an easy way to organize and store your spices!

This DIY photo chain is also a good way to spice up your apartment walls. (ha, you see what I did there right? Spice? Nevermind…)

From College Fashion: 7 Must-Visit Fashion Museums.

And then, since we’re all lazy sometimes: styling jeans and t-shirt.

And for when you’re feeling not-so-lazy, this simple twisted updo is for you!

Lastly, there were all borrowed from other link-ups:

How about literary nails art?! Seriously in love. (via)

Need to witty comeback when someone asks why you’re so dressed up? Here you go! (via)

Got an item in your closet that doesn’t fit? Here’s how to fake it. (via)

And lastly, if you’re single on Valentine’s Day here’s some fun stuff to do. Also, remember that you don’t need a relationship to be happy! (Personally, I’m really excited since this is my first V-day being single in over 5 years!).

Late Link-up & Monday Manicure

 Sinful Colors’ Ciao Bella and OPI for Sephora’s Only Gold For Me


Photographing food? Here are 5 tips.

Interesting article about cake that a friend linked to me on FB.

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Get schooled on Cupcake Mixology.

How to walk in heels is one of those awesome learned skills (via Already Pretty). Definitely one I need to improve on though!

This smoked rosemary beets salad with steak seems like a fun thing to try.

Generic things everyone does when falling in love. Trust me, you’re not exempt! (via Gala Darling)

And for the love of DIY:

Here are some DIY iphone cases. Super cute!

Because you can never have enough ombre, this DIY ombre tee is one I’ll need to do.

A DIY knockoff of some Chanel pants.

Need to alter a blazer? Check out this tutorial.

A super awesome daily diary idea. I might try this out!

Or how about a bloom flower crown? Perfect for the hippie in all of us.

Obsessed with Game of Thrones as much as I am? I ran across this Daenerys inspired tutorial. I plan on doing some myself, but it should tide you over ’till then.

Seen all those Sh*t Girls Say videos? Here’s a Sh*t Fashion Girls Say one.

A friend of mine mentioned vanity sizing recently, and I went and dredged up two oldies but goodies. Here’s one oriented towards girls and here’s one on vanity sizing for men.

Sometimes I need all the pattern mixing help I can get (via Already Pretty).

New bloggers: Here are 10 mistakes you might make and how you can avoid them.

And on that train of thought: Here are 5 blogging rules to break (via Little Chief Honeybee).

Blazer & Shirt Combo: Three Different Ways. This speaks to the true power of remixing.

From College Fashion: 7 Internship Success Tips From a 4-Time Fashion Intern.

Glitz and Glamour! Although it’s a New Year’s makeup look, it could easily work for a fancy party or a night out on the town.

Tights, tights, tights! Colored tights and how to wear them (via Snappy Casual).

And lastly…

Squee! Jason Wu for Target previews! Anyone else planning on hitting up Target on Feb 5th?

Weekly Manicure & (tiny) Link Round-up

 Nail polish used: Sinful Colors’ Ciao Bella, Sinful Colors’ Casablanca, and Konad Special Stamping Polish in Silver

After seeing the accent nail around everywhere, I decided to try it out for myself. I ended up being pretty happy with how it looked, as I tried to tie it into my other nails with a bit of silver on each. However, my mother saw it and told me the accent nail looked “dorky”. Now I’m not sure how I feel about the accent nail. What do you think? Trendy or dorky?

Link round-up is early this week because I’m out of town for the weekend visiting friends!

These hot chocolate spoons look delicious, in addition to being perfect for the next couple months.

Already Pretty has some great tips on styling your scarves.

TJ Maxx is one of those household names in my family, here’s a shopping guide for TJ Maxx from Extra Petite.

 Lemon pound cake sounds so good right now! I love food with lemon, and this light recipe is one I’ll have to try.

Who doesn’t love an over the top gorgeous makeup look? The gilded eye is dramatic must-try.

I don’t know if I could do a shellac manicure since I change my nail color weekly! However, here’s a great honest review of them.

Already Pretty strikes again with a guide to cardigans

These inspiration images are right up my alley. I love a well-done simple ensemble.

History of the Trend: Holiday Sweaters. Who doesn’t own at least one?

This is simple and cute! Paperclip and string earrings.

How to keep warm in your freezing cold house. I don’t know about you, but I hate being cold!

Love this article: On Men Who Don’t Like Women in Makeup.

Winter drink recipes for cozy nights! I definitely want to try the pumpkin chai tea latte!

This hairstyle is utterly gorgeous and while a teensy bit time intensive, it looks doable. See: The Braided Bun.

2012 Trend Predictions from Refinery 29. Excuse me while I cry because drop waists are coming back as I suspected.

And in honor of NYE, I’ve got some great holiday cocktails for you to try out (if you’re into that sort of thing)!

Monday Manicure & Link Round-up

Nail polish: Essie’s Trophy Wife and Konad Special Stamping Polish in Silver


And in other news on nail polish, how about this Hunger Games collection? I know I’ll be purchasing pretty much every single one!

Of course, what would a link up the weekend before X-mas be without a pile of holiday DIYs?

Need more Christmas ornaments? Of course you do!

Handmade gifts can be perfect for something simple and thoughtful. Here are 10 DIYs that would make perfect holiday gifts.

What are you planning to wrap all your gifts in? Here are four fresh gift wrapping ideas.

Although, if you’re big on being eco-friendly, these gift wrapping ideas are great!

Some DIYs for yourself (or if you’re really generous, someone else) are these DIY glitter ankle boots.

These DIY’s are wonderful, and fairly easy. I fully plan to do the collar tips!

I’m definitely doing this adorable Christmas sweater DIY sometime during the holidays (or slightly after).

Holiday hairstyles like this low side bun are stunning, but simple.

Or, if you want something a little different– how about a modern bouffant?

These delicious holiday sweets make me want to start baking up a storm.

Alcohol infused with different flavors? This sounds like the perfect gift for so many of my friends!

A new hot chocolate recipe could get me through winter a little easier.

Let’s end with something inspiring: The 25 Most Beautiful College Libraries In the World.



Monday Manicure & Link Round-up

The start of Christmas manicures…

Nailpolish: Essie’s Waltz, and Konad’s Special Stamping Polish in Green and Red

This week’s Link Round-up is insanely long. So now that you’re prepared…

H&M got flak for photoshopping real model’s heads onto fake (computer generated) bodies.

And because that’s not creepy enough, here’s this article about how men could not tell the difference between a men’s mag opinion on women from a rapist’s opinion on women.

This made me giggle: 15 things white girls love to do on facebook. I definitely do the letter thing.

Borrowed from Already Pretty, I do love my formulas. Here are some great flattering ways to wear leggings.

This is the perfect hairstyle for your holiday party: Old Hollywood Glam. So pretty!

So in love with these fresh color combos. I kind of want to print this and put it next to my closet.

After my problems with Paypal (remember how they charged me over $300 for a service I didn’t want or need?), Regretsy’s serious problems with Paypal came as no surprise to me.

Definitely stealing this recipe for Gingerbread Snowflakes after seeing just how beautiful they are!

A lot of these photographs gave me chills: The Most Powerful Photos of 2011.

With my teeny tiny feet (okay, they’re not that small), I loved when Refinery 29 put out these cute shoes for small feet!

Wondering what you want to do over December? Here’s an activity guide!

How to create volume with a flat iron. I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out myself!

You work in fashion? Here, let me grab you your crazy pills.

Anyone else having a disturbing love for plaid recently?

College survival tips here! I wish I’d known some of this before I went to college.

Unpopular Fashion Opinions. We all have them. Here’s one blogger’s.

My obsession with colored denim is well known. Here are 6 tips from bloggers on how to wear colored denim. (We should have at least one pair by now, right?)

Now let’s get into the DIY, here we go:

Check out these DIY flower hair clips turned Christmas ornaments from Love Meagan. I think I like them better as hair clips for myself though…

Shop Ruche’s Homemade Holiday has DIY’s to your heart’s content.

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to hang your jewelry? This DIY is right up your alley.

Or maybe you want to make jewelry? College Fashion has you covered.

Sequin holiday ornaments are great DIY for your tree.

Looking for a review of the DIY trends of 2011? Look no further, they’re here.

If you want gift guides, Keiko Lynn has you covered with Makeup Monday Gift Guide and the Makeup Monday Stocking Stuffers.

Monday Manicure & Link Round-up

Nailpolish: Sinful Color’s Casablanca; Konad’s Black Stamping Polish.

I did this manicure for my sister when she was over for Thanksgiving and snapped a couple photos of it.  It was so cute on her that I did in on myself this week!



Confession: This week, I was super industrious and got a ton of links that I planned to use for this Link-up. So what does my computer do? Freezes. And of course I hadn’t saved the document with all the links in them. So I lost them all. So this link round up is kind of pathetic.

This article: 10 Things 90’s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children. Can I just say I loved Topanga? She’s like the original Hermione.

Now that I’ve mentioned Harry Potter, this imaginary rejection letter to J.K. Rowling had me in stitches.

These wonderful pictures of men posed in stereotypical pin-up poses made me smile and giggle.

These calenders are all kinds of awesome. I think the Men of the Stacks Librarian calender is my favorite. Men and books?! What’s not to love?

Who doesn’t shop at Amazon? I loved this inside peek at their warehouses.

I’ve mentioned before how some fashion/style blogs can seem so similar, and so I was fascinated when I ran across this post.

The most awesome superhero ever: The Library Phantom! Aren’t these sculptures stunning?

Next H&M Collaboration is… Marni! Will you shop it? I might, if H&M has online shopping by that time…

Making your own coffee syrup… it’s like having Starbucks in your house. Only a heck of a lot cheaper.

Hot trends for Spring and Summer 2012. What ones will you incorporate into your wardrobe? I’m thinking pastels…

Trust me when I say you want to read the 56 best/worst similes by high school students. These are hilarious!

Saturday Manicure

Whenever I’m looking for something subtle, I immediately hit up this combination. Essie’s Fiji paired with Konad’s stamping polish in white is girly, simple, with just enough detail to cheer me up. Plus? It goes with pretty much everything.

I’m thinking of moving my manicure posts to Mondays. I want the alliteration.

Saturday Manicure

Today’s manicure was done last Sunday. I ended up going out to dinner with a couple friends and we came back and watched movies. My friend Michelle loved the last manicure that I did for her when we had our tea party. So I was delighted to do her nails again.

She chose Sinful Color’s Ciao Bella for the deep blue color, and her favorite animal is the dolphin so I Konad stamped them on. We then used Revlon’s 771 Clear polish as top coat.

My current manicure is just all one color (OPI’s Glitzerland), so it’s nothing special.

FYI: My link-up will be posted at 5pm today. I’m warning you, it’s super long….

Saturday Manicure

This is my last Halloween themed manicure! It went a little more fall themed than I anticipated, but that’s perfectly fine.

Orange: OPI’s Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?; Purple: OPI’s Plugged In Plum

This was my first attempt at a half moon manicure, it was a little trial and error since I was very impatient and messed up a couple times.

I contemplated switching the purple/orange every other nail, but then decided it would look a little crazy. I ended up liking the look, and I’m sure my half-moon mani skills will improve with time!