Blue Bows & Useless Belts

 Outfit Details: Top: Ross; Belt: Target; Skirt (old): BCX; Shoes (old): Steve Madden; Earrings: Yochi, via

I wore this awhile ago, but got around to photographing it recently. The last time I wore this skirt, I felt that the shirt I paired it with was much too long. So I switched it for a cropped shirt in hopes that would fix the proportion problem. And, whaddayaknow, it totally did!

It also gave me an opportunity to pair navy and brown together, along with using a useless belt. This is what I call victory.

If there’s one thing I really love about shoes, its that they always always fit. These were a Birthday gift from my parents when I turned sixteen.

Then again, that’s probably why I can’t bear to get rid of this skirt, either. I bought it in seventh (or eighth) grade and still fit into it. It allows me to pretend like I’m still as tiny as I was when I was 14. The fact that it’s super comfortable helps too.