Floral Polka Dots

Outfit Details: Dress: ?; Cardigan (old): Gap; Shoes: K-mart.

While on vacation I picked up this dress and one other from a cute little boutique. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the name of it and the bag they gave me didn’t have a name on it either! I ended up wearing this to my appointment with my hairstylist on one particularly sunny day.¬†Highlights and a haircut definitely fixed up my hair after vacation!

In the height of awesomeness, I went to Starbucks the other day (and I was running late and starving since I hadn’t eaten breakfast) and when I pulled up to the window someone had already paid for my stuff. Pay it forward! However, my attempt to pay it forward this morning was thwarted since I was the only person in the drive thru.

Dotting the Waves

Outfit Details: Polka Dot Top: Romy; White Tank: Unknown; Jeans: Romy; Shoes: Ross

You know how sometimes you’re shopping and then the sales associate is like “hey, this friday, we’re having an even better sale!” and you’re like “wait, really?” Of course, you show up and then purchase a couple things you had your eye on earlier (like these jeans and this top). At 70% off it was a sale I couldn’t resist, especially since it gave me the nautical-inspired outfit I have so desired ever since colored denim became popular. I know, I can’t believe it took me this long to snag a pair of navy jeans either.

I admit, I’m excited to throw this sheer polka dotted top over everything from now on.

Favorite Things

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Old Navy, X-mas gift; Dress: Macy’s; Leggings: Ross, X-mas gift; Shoes: Blowfish; Necklace: X-mas gift.

Christmas was pretty good this year. I’m really delighted with the gifts I got. One of the best things about Christmas is not knowing what I’m going to get–I love the surprise of it all.

Thankfully the holidays (and utter madness) is over, so I’m getting back into the swing of blogging again.

Can I just say I love love love sweater leggings/tights? These leggings are fleece lined and they are quite possibly the most comfortable item in my wardrobe. They might even replace my love of a particular pair of jeans…

I love this dress, which I got off the clearance rack for a measly $10. However it is a) really short and b) very thin so partially see-through. It’s probably one of my more difficult items to style. How do people wear dresses this short without being paranoid all the time that their underwear are going to show? Is there some sort of class I missed on how to wear short dresses?

¬†My little sister, Christine, got me my very own name necklace this year! I absolutely love it! I’ve never had anything that had my name (properly spelled) on it. So it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing quite frequently.