Floral Polka Dots

Outfit Details: Dress: ?; Cardigan (old): Gap; Shoes: K-mart.

While on vacation I picked up this dress and one other from a cute little boutique. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the name of it and the bag they gave me didn’t have a name on it either! I ended up wearing this to my appointment with my hairstylist on one particularly sunny day. Highlights and a haircut definitely fixed up my hair after vacation!

In the height of awesomeness, I went to Starbucks the other day (and I was running late and starving since I hadn’t eaten breakfast) and when I pulled up to the window someone had already paid for my stuff. Pay it forward! However, my attempt to pay it forward this morning was thwarted since I was the only person in the drive thru.

Skin Was Showing

Outfit Details: Long Sleeve Striped Shirt: Romy; Tank Top: America Eagle; Mini Skirt: American Eagle: Sandals: K-mart.

Today, I reorganized my closet. Since I lost weight, I put a pile of jeans in the very back of my closet, which is virtually a death sentence. I found 2 pairs of jeans I have never worn (but will now make an effort to pull out!). I counted a total of 110 tops (including camis, tank tops, sweaters, t-shirts, etc). Crazy, I know.

Now that it’s summer, I’m really hoping I’ll pull out this pink striped knit a little more often. I love it, but its one of those difficult piece to wear because it always seems like its too warm or cold to wear it.

I’m pretty sure K-mart kid’s sandals are one of the few best purchases I’ve ever made. This pair of sandals and my gold pair are my all time favorites–and they were both pretty cheap for fancy looking sandals.

Only Daylight Souvenirs

Outfit Details: Headband: gift; Tank: Kirra, gift; Necklace: gift; Shorts (old): American Eagle; Sandals: K-mart.

I wore this Tuesday, because instead of getting dressed after work on Monday I fell into bed and didn’t wake up until 6pm! So this hair has been twice slept on (Monday afternoon and Monday night).

I actually created this outfit around the headband. I pulled it out of a drawer in my bathroom to keep my hair back while I washed my face. Then I decided I liked the contrast with my hair and went hunting for a blue top. One I found the tank, the rest of the outfit just fell into place. Can you tell I’ve been thinking summer a lot?

Second day hair always seems to be a little bit better than the first. The messy bedhead look is always what I’m going for. As for these sandals–I predict they’ll be my summer staple. I keep gravitating towards them every day!

Title stolen from this song.

Birds of A Feather

Outfit Details: Dress: Handmade (borrowed); Shrug: White House, Black Market; Shoes: K-mart.

So I’ll say I am straight up obsessed with this dress. My friend made it for a costume, and I saw it and I just had to borrow it. While it’s not the most flattering in the front–the flowy train certainly makes up for it!

I ended up wearing this out to grab coffee before we went to take pictures, and needless to say I did get some strange looks. Not that it matters, because when you wear this dress you definitely feel awesome. Nothing like a billowing train to make your day.

Half Tuck

Outfit Details: Earrings: Yochi, via Ideeli.com; Shirt: American Eagle; Shorts: Target; Shoes: Kmart.

I’m still in denial that it isn’t summer yet. I will wear my summer clothes! To be fair, with Washington anytime it makes it over sixty degrees it is shorts weather. Bright colors also make me feel like it is sunnier than it actually is.

I decided to try the half-tuck today. I think I like it (when I’m not irritated that it’s unsymmetrical). It gives off that effortless casual vibe, but I’m not sure I pull it off well enough.

So the reason today’s outfit post is ridiculously late is because a friend of mine wanted to expand her portfolio and I was her model. She stuffed me in some of her super fun clothing (like corsets!) she’s made and I wore it out and about while she snapped shots of it.

Shopping in the kid’s shoe section yields some amazing finds–especially shoe wise. My favorite pairs of sandals are ones that were not made for adults.


Outfit Details: T-shirt: Target; Jeans: Forever 21; Necklaces: Forever 21 & unknown; Shoes: K-mart; Earrings: Gift.

While playing Truth or Dare with a friend of mine the other day, he dared me to stop shopping for 3 months. The last time I tried to ban myself from shopping… I failed miserably. So this is going to be incredibly difficult.  However, according to the (arbitrary) rules he made I am allowed $10/week to do with what I see fit. The next time I will be able to shop (fully) will be June 22 (I wince as I write that). However, it should give me ample time with my current wardrobe.

I ended up wearing this outfit to the grocery store. You know how when you’re banned from something it makes you want to do it more? So I went and bought groceries because it was like shopping. Can we say “issues”?

These gold sandals are going to be a staple in the summer! With the weather warming up (it was super sunny and warm today), I’m excited to start wearing them regularly.

As for the necklaces–I enjoyed layering. I could have added another one, but it just seemed like too many at that point! And, although you can’t see it, I was actually wearing gold eyeliner to tie it all together.


Sandal Weather

Outfit Details: Dress: Monteau, via Rock It Roost; Shoes: K-mart.

Something about sunshine makes you feel as if you need to be wearing sandals. The past couple Washington days have been very nice! Chilly in the mornings, but spring-like in the afternoons: a welcome change from the usual rain.

I purchased this dress awhile ago, when my friend convinced me to go in the store. I told her if I tried on this dress, I’d be bringing it home. I tried it on and… here it is.  I suppose now the real question is what else will I pair it with?

I snagged these gold sandals from K-marts kid section awhile ago when I still lived in Bellingham. I love how unique they are, you never see anything this much fun in the adult area.