Only Daylight Souvenirs

Outfit Details: Headband: gift; Tank: Kirra, gift; Necklace: gift; Shorts (old): American Eagle; Sandals: K-mart.

I wore this Tuesday, because instead of getting dressed after work on Monday I fell into bed and didn’t wake up until 6pm! So this hair has been twice slept on (Monday afternoon and Monday night).

I actually created this outfit around the headband. I pulled it out of a drawer in my bathroom to keep my hair back while I washed my face. Then I decided I liked the contrast with my hair and went hunting for a blue top. One I found the tank, the rest of the outfit just fell into place. Can you tell I’ve been thinking summer a lot?

Second day hair always seems to be a little bit better than the first. The messy bedhead look is always what I’m going for. As for these sandals–I predict they’ll be my summer staple. I keep gravitating towards them every day!

Title stolen from this song.

Half Tuck

Outfit Details: Earrings: Yochi, via; Shirt: American Eagle; Shorts: Target; Shoes: Kmart.

I’m still in denial that it isn’t summer yet. I will wear my summer clothes! To be fair, with Washington anytime it makes it over sixty degrees it is shorts weather. Bright colors also make me feel like it is sunnier than it actually is.

I decided to try the half-tuck today. I think I like it (when I’m not irritated that it’s unsymmetrical). It gives off that effortless casual vibe, but I’m not sure I pull it off well enough.

So the reason today’s outfit post is ridiculously late is because a friend of mine wanted to expand her portfolio and I was her model. She stuffed me in some of her super fun clothing (like corsets!) she’s made and I wore it out and about while she snapped shots of it.

Shopping in the kid’s shoe section yields some amazing finds–especially shoe wise. My favorite pairs of sandals are ones that were not made for adults.

The Pastoral Symphony

Outfit Details: Shirt: Wal-mart; Shorts: via Ross; Tights: Delia’s; Boots: via Ross; Earrings: via Hawaii

Have you ever seen Fantasia? My favorite scene as a kid was The Pastoral Symphony, with the pegasus(es?), unicorns, centaurs, and fauns. My outfit today reminds me of the fauns.


I’ll be honest, I really hate this outfit. I debated posting it on here, actually because I hated it so much and everything was wrong about it. I only wore it for an hour or so before I decided I would not be wearing it for the rest of the day. It just felt a little too costume-y.

I think my other problem is it makes me look short. The shorts come up a little too far, making me look short waisted on top. Then the boots/shorts combo makes me look short and I probably wouldn’t have attempted it if Clothed Much hadn’t suggested it for this week’s Rule Breaking Monday. The proportions of the whole outfit are just… off.

However, I do think that failure is a learning experience. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I don’t want to pretend that every outfit I wear is wonderful and turns out perfectly. This is simply not true. Oftentimes, I put together a total dud of an outfit. This is one such dud. I like each individual piece, but I just don’t think any of them go together (Least of all those tights, urgh).

I did like my attempted new hairstyle, though. If my hair was cleaner it probably would have turned out a bit better. Sadly, no clear shots of it.

So, let’s play a game. How can this outfit be fixed?