Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Dress: Target; Earrings: gift; Shoes: Nine West, via Macy’s

 So around March, I gave up on my white cardigan. It was a goner–old, pilling, kind of dingy and it may have slightly shrunk in the wash. I began passively searching for a new one–too lazy to actively look, I decided if I ran across one that worked for me I’d purchase it. Anyway, at Target before I went on vacation, I snagged this white one. I prefer the slightly larger fit on this one, so it turned out nicely. Also, haven’t I remixed this dress enough now?


As this was before I redyed my hair, you can really see how vacation lightened it up!



Well Worn




Outfit Details: Shirt: Charter Club, via Macy’s; Pants: Romy; Sunglasses: Ebay; Shoes: Blowfish, gift.

So remember that lovely jean collection I cultivated before I dropped 20 lbs? Yeah. I can’t wear any of those now (well some of them work in a pinch, just not well). So when I walked past Romy’s 50%-75% off the entire store sale and saw colored denim hanging in the store? I could not resist!

I’ve wanted a red pair for quite some time, and these were perfect. Plus another pair of jeans! That fit! I’m still debating on going back for the cobalt blue pair.

I threw this together for my dentist appointment that involved (shudder) fillings. Thankfully they gave me a ton of laughing gas, so I wasn’t as traumatized as I could have been by the experience.  I utterly despise needles.


These flats are starting to look a little “well loved”. I’ve been switching between these and my red pair for the past month or so–so they’ve definitely been well worn (possible to death).

I’ve recently organized (again) and so I’ve thrown all my sunglasses into one bin. I’m enjoying matching them with the color schemes of my outfits lately.

Skin Was Showing

Outfit Details: Long Sleeve Striped Shirt: Romy; Tank Top: America Eagle; Mini Skirt: American Eagle: Sandals: K-mart.

Today, I reorganized my closet. Since I lost weight, I put a pile of jeans in the very back of my closet, which is virtually a death sentence. I found 2 pairs of jeans I have never worn (but will now make an effort to pull out!). I counted a total of 110 tops (including camis, tank tops, sweaters, t-shirts, etc). Crazy, I know.

Now that it’s summer, I’m really hoping I’ll pull out this pink striped knit a little more often. I love it, but its one of those difficult piece to wear because it always seems like its too warm or cold to wear it.

I’m pretty sure K-mart kid’s sandals are one of the few best purchases I’ve ever made. This pair of sandals and my gold pair are my all time favorites–and they were both pretty cheap for fancy looking sandals.

Fine By Me

Outfit Details: Tee: Walmart; Cardigan: Ross; Skirt: H&M; Tights: TJ Maxx; Shoes: Ross

In an utterly shocking development, one of my work outfits was actually blog worthy! (Excuse the wrinkles on the skirt–I’d been wearing it for 7 hours at this point!) Admittedly, I switched out my work shirt for this tee–but otherwise everything else is the same. I do wish I’d added some jewelry, but its just not on my radar at 4 am! I’ve started to wear skirts to work more frequently, because I’ve gotten very sick of ill fitting pants. Thanks to my shopping ban, I really can’t buy any new pants until it’s over!

And if I look exhausted, it’s because I really am. However, I’m not scheduled to work for the next week so I’m happily going to catch up on sleep and create a backlog of posts in preparation for the 16 through the 31. One of my coworkers gave her two weeks notice, so I had to pick up a bunch of shifts. It does mean more money, but it also means a lot less sleep!

Skirts also mean I can wear flats, which is wonderful since my feet have been protesting the constant wear of heels lately. These red ones are in a pretty close tie with my white ones for all time favorite flats.

Insert Song Lyrics Here

Outfit Details: Jacket: Old Navy; Striped Tee: Walmart; Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Blowfish

So after a week long break, I’ve caught up on sleep, worked, wrote, and (in general) got a lot done. I’m also feeling refreshed and ready to throw myself back into my blog. Sometimes I just need some “me” time to recharge, so the week off really helped.

So far, these are the only pants in my closet that fit like they’re supposed to (and they’re still a little large). I recently checked my measurements and it’s no wonder that none of my pants are fitting because I’ve lost over 2 inches at my waist and hips. Unfortunately, the shopping ban is still in effect so I’ll be wearing dresses and skirts much more frequently from now on. I’ve also become disturbingly fond of this army jacket, and so I’m planning to throw it over everything for the next week or so (be warned).

I wore this to a work training thing for CPR/AED. However, when I got there it was cancelled! I would have been more irritated, but that just meant I got to go home and catch the East Coast showing of Game of Thrones.

These white flats get so much wear in my life, that I wish I had them in multiple colors. They’re just so comfortable! I tend to choose them over all other shoes, especially if I know I’ll be active or standing for long periods of time.

Also, I switched foundations last week! After repurchasing my Clinique foundation, I discovered it seemed darker and it just wasn’t matching my skin tone properly anymore. So after begrudgingly going to a friend’s Mary Kay party, I was surprised that they had a foundation shade that matched my skin (I had to get the palest one, ha!). For $20 (my two weeks pittance of an allowance from my shopping ban) I decided it was worth it to try it out. So far, I’m really liking it.

In Daylights, In Sunsets, In Midnights, In Cups of Coffee

Outfit Details: Jacket (old): Lucky; Striped Top: Hang Ten, borrowed; Cami (old): Gap; Jeans: Per Se, via Ross; Shoes: Blowfish, gift.

One of my friends lives right up the road from me. We tend to hang out a ton, and always talk about eventually living together. We’ve suggested that we could live in one room and the other room could be a gigantic closet. Or we could just use the living room as a gigantic closet. So recently I was like “hey, why don’t we swap clothes?” and so we went and dug through each other’s closets and borrowed pieces.

Now that I haven’t been shopping (see: shopping ban of doom), I’ve had to get creative! I get to shop her closet, and she got to shop mine. This orange top was just one piece I borrowed–the back of it is amazing!

The zipper up the back has got to be the coolest part of this shirt. I left it unzipped so the cami could peek out. I love the look of mint (okay, the cami might be more pastel blue) and orange together.

Title taken from this song from RENT

Stripes on Stripes

Outfit Details: Cardigan: Target; Dress: Target; Shoes: Blowfish, gift. Ring: gift.

When I pulled out this dress, I kind of wondered what I was going to pair it with. I’d already paired it with my jean jacket and I really liked that combo. So I hunted through my cardigan drawer and found this striped cardigan that I haven’t worn in awhile.  I really like the stripes on stripes look, I think it’s pretty fun.

Funny thing: when I buy something I can usually imagine 5-10 possible ways to remix it in my wardrobe. As soon as I wear the item once, I seem to forget all the other ways I planned to wear it. I’ve actually started to write down different outfit combos in a mini notebook so I can remember all the good ideas i’ve had!

This little sapphire and yellow gold ring was my mother’s before she gave it to me for my high school graduation. Instead of a class ring, I got this pretty little thing instead!


Not Easy Being Green

Outfit Details: Top: Forever 21; Pants: Forever 21; Shoes: Missoni for Target; Necklace: Forever 21.

Man, I realized as I was typing up this post that the majority of this outfit came from Forever 21 (all purchased on different trips, too).

When I pulled this sweater out of my closet, I was feeling green. The green stripes just weren’t enough green, so I thought about pairing it with a green skirt I have. Then I saw the mint jeans that I love. Of course, I ended up choosing them.

These Missoni for Target flats have really come in handy with their plethora of colors. If I had been thinking about it though, I would have switched them out for my green leprechaun shoes.


Outfit Details: Knit: Charter Club; Sweater: Target; Skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal, thrifted; Shoes: Shellys London, via

Originally, it was just the sweater and the skirt but it didn’t look finished to me. So I threw this knit thing over, and I felt like it looked a little better.  I was also lazy, and didn’t feel much like jewelry.

Also, I’m really loving the sunshine that Washington State is getting lately! It’s been wonderful outside.

These are one of my all time favorite pairs of shoes. The pink bows always lift my mood.

Also it was completely unintentional, but i love that I matched my nail polish to my outfits. Essie’s Chincilly is my new favorite nail color.


Outfit Details: Jacket (old): Lucky Brand; Dress: Target; Socks: Forever 21; Flats: Ross.

For the weekend I fully meant to schedule posts but unfortunately it ended up not happening. I ended up visiting Bellingham, and ended up running very behind when I ran into I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome (As an aside, I still can’t believe this happens to me. Ever). So hopefully St. Patty’s Day went well for everyone! Everything should settle down now, so I should be back to regular postings soon enough.

This is what I wore on the ride back from Bellingham. This dress is comfy and striped and I’ve been wanting to pair it with this jacket forever. I planned to add my red heels to this, but I had to walk up and down a couple flights of cobble-stone-y stairs so I switched it for flats. Safety over fashion, in this case.

Also: always wear shorts under your dresses and skirts! My friend warned me that some guy checked me out as I was climbing the three flights of stairs.

 I’m working my way through my jackets one by one. This denim jacket I’ve owned since high school. I tend to think it looks best when paired with dresses or skirts because a denim jacket with jeans is a bit too much denim for my tastes.